What is a Crossroads Care scheme?

Crossroads Care schemes are a network of 76 local independent charities providing support to carers and the people they care for, often through the provision of flexible breaks.

Services are provided through a network of local providers across England and Wales, each offering our core service where a trained carer support worker comes into the home to take over the caring responsibilities.

The aim is to provide support that is consistent and reliable and build long and trusted relationships.

Each local provider is an independent charity which may provide additional services according to funding and demand at a local level.

All local Crossroads Care organisations provide care in the home to enable carers to take a break. The needs of both the carer and the person they care for are assessed and regularly reviewed to ensure the service is tailored to the needs of them both. Other services typically available include:

  • Group support for carers and the people they care for.
  • Young Carers groups.
  • Social activities for both carers and the people they care for (together and individually).
  • Special dementia projects.

Schemes work with over 43,000 individuals and their families, helping carers make a life of their own outside caring. Crossroads schemes employ 5000 trained professionals, providing flexible services to people of all ages, and with a range of disabilities and health conditions. These services are designed to meet the individual needs of each carer and cared for person. 

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We have put together the list of areas that each Crossroads scheme covers.