Taxes and credits

Income Support and Tax Credits
Income support (IS) can be claimed by people who are not available for work or are not actively seeking a job. This is why if you are a carer, under 60 years old, and on a low income, you may be entitled to IS. It can be paid both as a sole form of income or as a ‘top up’ to other low income.
Child Tax Credit
Child Tax Credit is a top-up benefit which is payable to the low-income carer of a child, (under the age of 16 or in some cases under the age of 20). The carer does not necessarily have to be the child's parent, but must be responsible for the child as they're main carer. A carer can claim Child Tax alongside other benefits that he or she may be receiving. The higher the income of the carer, the less Child Tax Credit they will be entitled to.  
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Housing and Council Tax Benefit
Housing benefit is available to help people who are on benefits or who have low incomes to help pay their rent, or their council tax and is claimed from and paid by your Local Authority. It is not taxable.