Skills share and more

Carers Trust focuses on skilled volunteering opportunities for companies, providing long term benefits to the organisation, the Carers' Centres and carers. We work proactively with companies to utilise the skills and talents of their workforce for greatest impact.


Skilled volunteering helps employees develop attributes including project management and communication skills whilst providing staff with opportunities to learn new ways of working and creative thinking in a different environment. Carers Trust benefits from professional skills and the chance to continue to develop best practice standards.

Current opportunities include:

  • staff mentoring
  • strategic support
  • skills share and training
  • staff secondment
  • pro bono

Read some examples:


Slaughter and May.

"The firm has a long history of supporting good causes financially, strategically with pro bono and volunteering. We recognise that charities face the same legal challenges as any other type of organisation and we are happy to be able to help the Trust with contracts and other legal issues when it is needed. Our lawyers have advised the Trust directly on specific issues and we have worked in partnership with the Trust to develop a 'legal toolkit' of best practice guidance and advice for the network of carers' centres, to better equip the centres to deal with day-to-day legal issues. Our non-legal staff have provided pro bono support as well, advising on website redesign and procurement and helping with writing a position paper.

Tackling this type of work enables our staff to use their skills in a different context and helps them to understand more about the way in which The Trust supports carers."

Chris Saul, Senior Partner, Slaughter and May


Pro bono

By offering your company's professional services free of charge to help raise awareness or funds, develop new initiatives or support the overall business of Carers Trust, your staff will not only find it enormously satisfying but also provide a challenge and the unique opportunity to work in a field not normally experienced in their every day work.

Markel’s General Manager, Geoff, took up the challenge in Summer 2010 along with a team of hard-working Markel volunteers to re-decorate Leeds local centre. These were presented during Christmas time and accompanied with especially wrapped Christmas presents for carers by Markel employees.

"Having been actively involved in fundraising I was pleased when the re-decoration project came up as it was a opportunity to spend time at the centre and interact with the hard working staff at Carers Leeds. I have been back to the centre since our work was finished and I can honestly say it is a pleasure to visit - not only to see the results of our hard work but it was also a good to hear comments about how staff and people who Carers support felt their centre had been improved".

Wendy Cotton, Social Welfare Underwriter, Markel

Areas of pro bono activity include:

  • financial auditing
  • creative design for fundraising and marketing materials
  • digital design and development
  • website support
  • legal support


Skills share and training

  • Design/creative skills
  • Marketing
  • Tendering process, preparation and writing
  • IT skills including online
  • CV writing and interview skills
  • Project management

Secondment opportunitites

  • Policy
  • Communications
  • Fundraising