Selfish Pigs Guide to Caring


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This review is from: The Selfish Pig's Guide to Caring (Paperback)

Hugh Marriot has made a fantastic job of highlighting issues that most carers probably don't think twice about. He has injected enough humour to make the book a very enjoyable read. He has created a name for the Person I(he) Give Love & Endless Therapy to (P.I.G.L.E.T), and therefore brings a lighter side to the carer's responsibilities - just thinking about it can raise a smile. It becomes clear by reading the book, many of us carers may think that we are selfish for wishing things to be different, but we have no right to do so. We are only feeling what many others are doing in similar situations, so how can we be selfish.

The tales and stories that he relates about his own situation and those of his friends, show the benefits of sharing information, and that, we should all try to do likewise as often as possible. Because Hugh and his 'piglet' live in the uk - his 'frustrations' are those that we can all equate to. Whether they be with social services, or other people's attitudes towards carers and the disabled.

I've read the book through from cover to cover and keep refering back to sections of it. Informative and/or humerous sections of text have now been marked with post-it notes.

Thanks Hugh for spelling out what carers need to hear. We are NOT ALONE - even though we may feel differently most of the time


"A splendid new book for carers." The Times "The book is frank, does not duck even the most sensitive aspects of caring, and has been warmly greeted by many professionals." Liverpool Echo "The Selfish Pig's Guide to Caring exposes some hard-hitting truths about caring for the sick or disabled." Daily Echo