One in ten could be carer in every GP practice

Around one in ten patients in every GP practice is estimated to be a carer to a family member or friend who is sick, disabled, or frail. Whereas attention is given to supporting the needs of the person being cared for, a carer’s own health care and support can often be overlooked, leading to physical and mental health problems due to stress and depression.

The Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) and Carers Trust are calling for nominations for the prestigious Caring About Carers Award that recognises the work of GPs and GP practices in supporting unpaid carers across the UK.

Dr Clare Gerada, Chair of the RCGP said: “Carers are often juggling work and their caring role, and can suffer from ill health themselves as a result, so the support GPs and other primary care workers can offer is often invaluable. As the largest source of care and support in the UK, it is in everyone’s interest that carers are well supported.

“I would like to encourage every carer who has been supported by their GP to write in and tell us how they are being helped. Even small changes to the way GP practices work can make a big difference to the health and wellbeing of carers.”

The Caring About Carers Award is now in its third year. Individual awards are made to practices in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, with an overall award for the GP or practice judged to have made the biggest difference or improvement to carers’ lives.

Anne Roberts, Chief Executive of Carers Trust, said: ‘‘GPs are one of the key groups who have regular contact with carers and they play a vital role in making sure that carers get the support they need so they are able to continue in their caring role. By taking care of carers, GPs are also protecting the health of the person they are caring for. We value our very positive partnership with the RCGP and are excited about taking this valuable work forward.’

Nominations can be made by email
or by writing to:

For UK (except Wales)

Caring About Carers Award 2012

The Royal College of General Practitioners
1 Bow Churchyard
London EC4M 9DQ

For Wales

Caring about Carers Award 2012

RCGP Wales 

Carers are asked to include in their nomination:
• Their name, address and telephone number, and
• The doctor’s name and surgery contact details


Well even though our GP's are

Well even though our GP's are nice guys to talk to, they wont be getting my vote. They know i am suffering from a bad back and yet they do nothing to ensure timely treatment of my disabled husband or ensure that he has the continuing health care that he has been assessed to being fully entitled to.

it is good to highlight gps

it is good to highlight gps because they are the carers 1st line of help in medical matters and now with this new approach of getting a yearly check-up for the disabled this will help carers to look after their cared for and have the contact with their gp more regulary.This gives peace of mind for me knowing my daughter who is autistic is getting check-ups herself.

GP surgeries should have a

GP surgeries should have a system of flexible appointments for carers. If you are trying to cope with your loved one, work and various other tasks, you need to be able to plan appointments. Often I explain that I am a carer but I am told that I have to phone on the morning of the appointment at 8 o' clock. It is not always possible to stand by the phone at 8 for at least half an hour as the line is constantly engaged so you give up. Unless you plan well in advance, it is unlikely you get an appointment with the doctor of your choice and then if you keep switching doctors, you waste time as they do not know your history and you can't be bothered to repeat yourself so you give up. Doctor's surgeries should make the system less stressful. It is already stressful enough caring and juggling life! I have been disappointed at the lack of support.

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