New Horizons in mental health

The Department of Health is putting together a new 10-year strategy for mental health in England and is calling on carers to have their say by taking part in a public consultation.

The strategy, 'New Horizons: Towards a shared vision for mental health', is expected by the end of 2009 and will be vitally important for carers, setting the direction for mental health services for the next 10 years.

The new strategy has two aims: improving mental health services and outcomes for people who use those services and improving and promoting better mental health amongst the whole population.

Drew Lindon, mental health lead for The Princess Royal Trust for Carers, said: “We welcome New Horizons as a vision for better mental health awareness and services in England. Particularly, we are pleased to see messages about the need to listen and support carers of people with mental health conditions.

"However, to promote lasting change for service users, carers and the wider population, the Government will need to make clear exactly how this vision is to be resourced and implemented in the final strategy.”

The consultation is an opportunity for carers to make their voices heard and to influence policy on mental health in England.

Complete the questionnaire here.

Alternatively, you can collect a copy of the consultation document from your local Carers Centre.

For more information, visit our New Horizons information page.

The consultation period ends on 15th October 2009.


Mental health is as important

Mental health is as important as physical health. If a person is not mentally fit, his physical strength cannot be used for useful purposes. I am impressed with your new horizons in this matter. All the best!

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