Concern at lack of Social Care White Paper in Queen’s speech to Parliament

Carers Trust has expressed deep concern about the Government’s decision not to introduce legislation on Social Care for another 18 months.

The absence of a White Paper on Social Care in the Queen’s Speech to Parliament today is in spite of comments made by the Prime Minister earlier this year, that action is needed to reform a system which can currently leave people helpless and in the dark about their care.

There is a critical gap between investment in Social Care and growing need as the population ages. Falling spending levels are failing to meet growing demand. The longer this situation goes on, the more expensive it will become and the greater the cost to vulnerable individuals and to family and friends caring for them.

Chief Executive Anne Roberts said:

“We are already at a crisis in the future funding of social care for older and disabled people, and the lack of a White Paper on this issue is a missed opportunity to implement urgent reform. This lack of direction is only going to cause greater anxiety and uncertainty for unpaid carers across the UK.

“This group provides £119bn of care to family members and friends each year, greatly reducing the pressure and demand on paid-for social care.

“But there is only so much that unpaid carers can do. The number of people needing support is going up year on year, and by 2017 we will reach a tipping point in care where demand will outstrip what families are able to provide.

“It’s clear that failing to reform the system is not an option. Supporting carers must be a priority in addressing significant challenges posed by the funding shortfall and demographic change."

“Without this support, there’s no doubt that individuals and families caring for loved ones will find it increasingly harder to cope as social care provision inevitably drops off.”

Carers Trust is calling on the Government to urgently reform the Social Care system, as part of the Care and Support Alliance, a coalition of 52 major organisations representing older and disabled people, those with long-term conditions and their families.


I think we will have to do it

I think we will have to do it ourselves ,I am a carer 15 years now ,embracing it is the answer ,I could care in the future by caring for two elderly or ill people in their own homes, as a job, they could pay me, cut out the state, I need an association to help me though ,,off to help my wife now ,,Andrew Carnegie,s of uk please set up self help organisations and I would become freelance, and there could be 100000 new small businesses, looking after up to three people and paid and paying taxes .I have a Dream..... ,

My trouble is I don't want to

My trouble is I don't want to be my husbands carer, i want to be his wife. I had a life and interesting career before he became sick. If i had wanted to do nursing as my mother and sister chose i would have taken that path, but i didnt i chose engineering, project mgmt etc. He is so sick he qualifies for cont care, so where are our carers. I know some enjoy this role that has become their new reality, sorry but i dont.

I just want to take control

I just want to take control of my enforced caring role and use it ,rather than the illness ruling me, but I am dreaming I know, and people have things so much tougher than me, and I have respect for the kind people who care and don't complain . To feel in control would be great though ,not told what to do, have options for care and support ,but ultimately the caree comes first in the eyes of the councils even if little help is offered to the carer ,I now feel I could organise everything and do a better job ,than the small army of advisors and form fillers and box ticking forms which Ive filled in so .many times over 16 years,.If I were paid a small wage I could save the council tens of thousands every year as a seasoned professional carer .

I totally agree with you. How

I totally agree with you. How often have I felt exactly the same!! I have been caring for my mother for 5 years now, and I feel I know the system off by heart. Wouldn't it be great if you could have 1 person assigned to each caree, instad of social services, health services, hospitals, doctors, etc........

I just want some help on

I just want some help on getting the right Benifits, I was working as a Part Time Retail Cleaner, I was only making £2.15 over a £100, I know its over, fine, but their 1st excuse was, me Dad wasn't on the right Benifits and so they could not back date my carers allowance, I look after my Dad cause he had to have his left leg amputated 4 inches above know, been looking after him since September last year but I've not getting any Carers Allowance, I mean fair enough, he's my Dad but I've literally lost my Girlfriend and Son because Social Services couldn't fit anyone from Carers company, so I had to do it, I've lost everything, Stuck helping my Dad, I do anything for me Dad but I lost my job beginning of March and I've been struggling now for the past 2 months.

Mr Garside above says that

Mr Garside above says that Social Services could not find anyone from a carers company. Has Mr Garside's father had a needs assessment and if so is there a care plan in place? If there is a care plan in place then Social Services have a legal obligation to provide or ensure that services are provided. Mr Garside also has a right to a Carers Assessment where issues regarding work and family life could be addressed.

Mr Garside,It sounds to me if

Mr Garside,It sounds to me if you are the main carer you should apply for income support as well as carers allowance,Simply applying should get things into gear with support,

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