Carers Week 2012

The Trust is one of nine national partners of Carers Week 2012, being held on 18-24 June 2012. During this week, events and activities across the week will pay a tribute to unpaid carers. This year’s Carers Week theme is “In sickness and health” and aims to highlight the fact that carers’ health and safety is of paramount importance.

In order to help Carers Week 2012 create maximum impact, a survey is being held on Carers Week website to collect voices of carers. Carers Week 2012 Survey can be completed here.

Recent cuts to local services do have a knock on effect on the health and well-being of unpaid carers. It is for this reason, that recognition by professionals and by those who have any sort of impact on carers’ everyday lives, will make a massively positive difference.

The other charities who are jointly organising Carers Week with us are Age UK, Carers UK, Counsel & Care, Crossroads Care, Dementia UK, Macmillan Cancer Support, MS Society, and Parkinson's UK.

Find out more about Carers Week and how you can be involved, by visiting the Carers Week Website


With all Cheshire East Day

With all Cheshire East Day and Respite services for the old,ill, frail and demented and their Carers, now (unlawfully) removed from the Knutsford area, it really is time for a rethink of how the above mentioned charities function.

Carers cannot be allowed to be shoved through the floor whilst taking full time 24-hour-a-day care - for a life time - of their loved ones.

There is no Independent/Commercial sector facility in place to take over the Day or Respite care, which is needed by service users and carers.

No funding seems to be in place to cover the cost of the commercial sector keeping such things as a respite bed in six weeks time, so that a carer can book a week's holiday. Commercial sector care homes are just not set up to help.

Nor are they really set up to help adequately with Day Care, and the often intense needs of those who attend.

Care Homes are, for those who live there, their home.

They are not happy that Day People come in to their home spaces. They feel the space has been invaded.

Yet Local Care for Local People within the Local Area is essential to a rapidly aging population. It is something, which they have paid for during their long working lives.

Such Care need is split down into NHS or Local Authority Care, and both seem to want to deny that this is their responsibility at the point of need.

If we are not to go down the path of unwilling euthanasia, we must have a coherent plan by which local care can readily be accessed. If we do not want to have Carers collapsing with the strain of it all, we must have more than 'awaydays' and 'pampering' for Carers.

What is needed is certainty of care at the point of need. Then Carers can pursue their own lives and interests, rather than being lumped in as ‘Carers’. No one sets out with the need to be subsumed into an amorphous pot as ‘a Carer’ .

We need public meetings to plan an acceptable way forward. In the Knutsford area they need to be set up as a matter of urgency.

We need all conjoint Local Authorities and local NHS Services to act in concert with each other, for the benefit of the local population.

We need 'Social Centres for the Well', which can also provide a ready access to simple social and medical care – as the need becomes apparent.

We need places where Carers and those for whom they care, can meet for tea, coffee, a read of the papers, a light lunch; and to access podiatry, audiology, memory clinic help and other simple needs which the old have.

There is absolutely no reason why we should accept that any such simple need requires a hospital in some distant town.

We must stop allowing our public library services to deny us meeting places, lavatories, coffee shops and other services, which such spaces could readily provide.

I call upon
The Princess Royal Trust for Carers,
Age UK,
Carers UK,
Counsel & Care,
Crossroads Care,
Dementia UK,
Macmillan Cancer Support,
MS Society,
Parkinson's UK
and any other charitable or voluntary group
to meet and arrange the future of Care in Cheshire.

This is a matter of some urgency to both Carers and Service Users, since it is unacceptable that frail, old, vulnerable, and demented service users of Day and Respite care should be pushed unwilling into full time care, or bussed across the county by the day, or denied any social care at all. Yet, in the Knutsford area, that is what is currently happening.

Local Authorities must put the necessary funds against the need for Adult Care.

The NHS must stop pretending that consigning the elderly (8 at a time) - for three or four weeks at a time - to two windowless rooms in a 21st century hospital ward - as happens in Ward 10, Macclesfield Hospital, is even remotely adequate.

The old have a vast range of life, academic and practical experience. It must no longer be so badly undervalued as is currently the case.

We have to have an over-arching, forward-moving plan, to which all local organisations work, so that the needs of the growing numbers of old people can be accommodated and the experiences of that same group can be tapped into for change.

We have paid the piper. It is high time we called the tune.

Charlotte Peters Rock
Knutsford Area For Knutsford Action
0156 572 2738

Cheshire Carers Centre is

Cheshire Carers Centre is very aware of the issues facing carers and service users in the Knutsford area. We are currently working with Cheshire East carers team to look at improving support and awareness of available services for carers in Knutsford and the surrounding areas.

We are always looking to improve our support and at times of significant change within both Health services and the Local Authority, this can impact upon carers in many ways.

Once again Charlotte Peters

Once again Charlotte Peters Rock fights for the powerless and she has not received the recognition for all the work she had put in over the years...her poems and performances have an honesty rare these days....keep up the hard work is much appreciated.

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