How you make a difference

Thanks to you we have been able to make a dramatic difference to carers' lives across the UK. Our role is to support carers wherever and whenever they need our help. This can range from providing benefits advice, grants for essential sources of support or arranging respite care. Our 160 Network Partners and online services offer a lifeline for hundreds of thousands of carers across the UK.

Today we are the largest provider of carer support in the UK offering unique and innovative services. This work would have been impossible without the generosity of individual supporters as well as companies and organisations. Without your involvement hundreds of thousands of carers would be left to cope alone.

In the future our role is to reach even more carers with high quality services and also improve the range of services we offer. We will continue to work in partnership with like-minded organisations to campaign at the highest political level to achieve long-term positive change for carers.

Over the years, your support has helped us to grow our network of Carers' Centres and develop and extend the support we provide for carers.

We have been able to offer a number of funds that help carers, including the Carers Relief Fund, Carers Break Fund and Young Carers Activities Fund. We now award around 650 individual grants each year. These are designed to improve carers’ lives, health and well-being as well as help them meet the cost of things like transport, household appliances and specialist equipment.

We provide access to 24-hour information, advice and peer support for carers wherever they live in the UK, via our interactive websites and The discussion boards and chat rooms give carers the opportunity to share experiences and meet others in a similar position. Our online services are particularly valuable for their ability to reach carers who cannot access a Carers’ Centre due to their location or the demands of their caring role.

But there’s still much more to do; unpaid Carers remain the largest source of care and support in each area of the UK and it is in all our interests that they are supported.

As Carers needs evolve so must our services. Carers experience many different caring situations and all carers require services to be able to recognise their individual and changing needs throughout their caring journey.

With an ageing population, the UK will need more care from families and friends in the future. This is an issue that will touch everyone’s life at some point and Carers Trust aims to be there to help carers which is why more than ever we will continue to rely on generous individuals support now and in the future.