Transport and mobility

Getting around can be one of the most important issues facing those with illnesses or disabilities. UK government focus groups recently identified that when asked unprompted about their local concerns, transport issues head the list of those with a disability.

The areas of transport and mobility affecting those with health conditions include:

  • disabled parking (including the Blue Badge Scheme),
  • buying, hiring or adapting a vehicle,
  • personal mobility in and around the home,
  • learning to drive,
  • financial support,
  • public and community transport,
  • and related tax exemption and license issues.

The provision of suitable, accessible transport and mobility support can in many instances make the role of the carer more manageable, as it can enable the person they are caring for to maintain some independence and take the responsibility of the number of day-to-day tasks away from you.

Most special transport arrangements include the same arrangement for one carer accompanying the person with disabilities, and some special arrangements can only be accessed if the disabled person is accompanied by a carer.