Financial Help with Travel

Here is an overview to some of the benefits the person you are caring for may be entitled to.

Disability Living Allowance

The Disability Living Allowance (DLA) has a 'mobility component' which is available to people who are unable to walk, have great difficulty in walking or who need someone with them when walking outdoors.

The DLA does not depend on National Insurance contributions, is not taxable and is not related to income or savings. If the one you're caring for is awarded the mobility component of the DLA this will not affect any pension or other benefits received. The DLA does not have to go on transport or mobility costs.

Who qualifies?

To qualify for the DLA the applicant must fulfil the disability conditions before the age of 65 and claim before his/her 66th birthday. After this age it is no longer possible to begin receiving the allowance. However, once awarded the allowance can continue without age limit, as long as the conditions remain fulfilled.

The higher level is awarded to people who are unable to walk or are virtually unable to walk, have had both legs amputated at or above the ankle, are both deaf and blind or to certain severely mentally impaired people with severe behavioural problems who need care or supervision both day and night.

The lower level of is for people who can walk but who normally need someone with them for guidance or supervision when walking outdoors.

For more details on DLA rates and how to claim please visit the relevant section of the website

Exemption from VAT

If you are disabled you may not have to pay VAT on necessary adaptations to your car. Exemption may also extend to spare parts, accessories, and repair and maintenance.

Exemption from car tax (Vehicle Excise Duty)

The Disability Living Allowance Unit will automatically send you an application form (DLA 403) for a car tax exemption certificate if you receive the higher rate of the mobility component of the Disability Living Allowance (DLA). If you receive the War Pensioners' Mobility Supplement you may also qualify for exemption. For more details contact the Service Personnel and Veterans Agency (SPVA). You may qualify for a refund of duty on your vehicle if it has been used solely by or for you since receiving either the higher mobility component of the DLA or the War Pensioners Mobility Supplement.