Booking a holiday

As a carer, when booking a holiday, being absolutely clear about what additional help and services you will need could save you a lot of hassle and disappointment later on. This may involve visiting different travel agents, browsing for information online or making a few calls.

There are many specialist travel agencies you can use; some are listed below, and the major tour operators should also be able to give information and advice about your needs and the resort you want to travel to.

Many resorts have their own websites and contact details, so it might be worth contacting them directly to make sure they can provide the necessary facilities you need. You could find them by entering the name of your preferred destination followed by 'tourist information' in a search engine.

Be aware that different resorts, hotels and other accommodation all have different standards and therefore potentially varying ideas on what is, for example, an 'accessible shower'.

Try to be as specific in your requirements as possible. If you are in any doubt, get them to describe it to you.

Getting there

Once you've booked the holiday, before you can start thinking about sandy beaches and blue skies, you should spend a little time considering your travel arrangements.

If you are travelling by air, rail, sea, or coach and need assistance, it's best to double check that the travel agent or tour operator has passed your details on to the transport operators, representatives, handling agents, tour guides and hotel staff. Always make sure you get confirmation in writing if necessary; it's better to be safe than sorry.

Other useful travel information for carers: