Blue Badge Parking Scheme

The Blue Badge scheme (previously known as the Orange Badge scheme) helps people with walking or other mobility problems to park closer to shops and other places they wish to visit.
As a carer you are not eligible for a Blue Badge, but the person you care for may be. You can use the badge when you take them out. The person you care for can also use the badge in other cars or taxis when they are using them.
If you are a carer and you have walking or other mobility problems then you may be able to apply for a Blue Badge for you to use.
If are a parent of a child under 3 you can apply for a badge if your child has a medical condition that means they need to travel with bulky medical equipment or need to be close to a vehicle for emergency medical treatment.

Where can you park?

The Blue Badge scheme runs throughout the UK and allows you to park in restricted areas. You can usually park:
  • in on-street disabled parking bays,
  • free of charge at on-street ‘pay and display’ meters and on-street parking meters,
  • on single or double yellow lines (time limits may vary)
You must display your badge correctly when you park.
However, the rules about where you can park vary from place to place. In Scotland, certain London boroughs and other large towns and cities different rules apply. You should always check the rules about Blue Badge parking before you park. Visit find out where Blue Badge holders can park on the website.
In Northern Ireland the Blue Badge scheme works slightly differently. For more information visit Blue Badge parking scheme on the NI Direct Government Services website.

Who can apply?

You automatically qualify for a Blue Badge if you receive one of a number of benefits or payments. For example you qualify if you get the higher rate of the mobility component of Disability Living Allowance (DLA). You will need to provide paperwork to prove that you qualify.
You can also apply for a Blue Badge if you don’t get any of these benefits or payments but you have considerable difficulty walking. This is does not depend on your diagnosis but on the effect is has on your mobility.
For a full list of eligible benefits and payments visit Who is eligible for a blue badge? on the Citizens Advice website.
If you live in Scotland visit Who is eligible for a blue badge? on the Citizens Advice Scotland website.
If you live in Northern Ireland visit Blue Badge parking scheme on the NI Direct Government Services website

How to apply

If you live in England or Wales apply online at
If you live in Scotland apply online at
If you live in Northern Ireland apply online at:
You need to contact your local authority directly if you want to apply using a paper application form. There may be a separate form to apply if you are a parent applying for a child under 3.
If you have any queries about the Blue Badge scheme contact the national helpline on:
  • 0844 463 0213 (England)
  • 0844 463 0214 (Scotland)
  • 0844 463 0215 (Wales)