1. Gold medals

    Posted by Susannah - Online team at Wed Jul 25, 2012 10:46 am


    Well, you’re no doubt all hearing lots about the Olympics and Paralympics – it’s great to think of all the effort that individuals put in to achieve such outstanding results – here’s hoping we do really well! :)

    But, all this talk of what it takes to get up on that podium has got us thinking about achievements and what goes on behind the scenes. Yes, I’m sure it’s fantastic to reach the top of your career in a sport you love, and, as a nation we can feel immensely proud when someone does this, but how does this compare with your life and the often incredibly challenging situations you face, as carers, on a daily basis?

    Having read the discussion boards regularly over the past few days it’s clear that quite a few of you are facing very difficult situations. And it’s often the case that there is very little choice or freedom in the lives you’re living. Are we giving the gold medals to the wrong people, or do other people's triumphs help to cheer us all up during the gloomy times?

    Online support team

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    Posted by jaye2080 at Wed Jul 25, 2012 6:36 pm

    Well Susannah, I say let the athletes have their medals. They do work hard for them and they also sacrifice much of their youth to get those medals, they are well deserved.

    Now us carers on the other hand are worth FAR FAR more than a paltry medal. And, as in general i do believe we are a very down to earth bunch of people, I would say that our reward should be much more practicle- more money wouldn't come amiss (just think how much the olympics have cost!!!) and perhaps a right to expect help to be given as and when required..... my list goes on....
    Oh yes people, i have big dreams for carers :D:D:D

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    Posted by jeanette_605 at Thu Jul 26, 2012 11:12 am

    Talking about Carers (unpaid)I have never agreed with awards given to various Carers as I think they are only token awards. All Carers deserve the help ,support and finance needed to improve obviously the 'carees' quality of life but also the Carer's.All Carers are very special and as important as the next.
    As for the Olympians.Well they are on another level (lower than us)totally obscessed by their skill and using it to their best advantage. They give us a lot of pleasure too. We are so different ,their reason is choice/special skill and most of our reason is love!!!
    Only my opinion.I respect all opinions.


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    Posted by swissmiss at Thu Jul 26, 2012 1:42 pm

    I dont like medals..usually MBEs or suchlike..being given to people because they work with people with disabilities as though you deserve a medal for doing it or you need to motivate people that way to do a job society views as otherwise undesirable. Often they are given just because someone has done this work for a number of years.
    I honestly have never felt upset about sportsmen and women being given medals. How else would you recognise their achievements??
    However I have just finished emailing our SS manager again and Ali's psychiatrist who leads the CPA we are now supposed to be being supported by because we are still meeting brick walls and SS destructiveness. I dont need a medal but I do need people to care about us and not leave us to suffer without the support we need.
    I look at people I was at school with or worked with who have gone on to be UK businesswoman of the year, first woman board member at M&S, NHS trust director......and I know that what I do is as hard and as important. I look at Neil's brother who shows off by climbing Everest and many mountains and volcanoes in the world..looking smug and pleased with himself on his FB page...and yet he treated Neil with disdain all his life and to my mind what Neil did coping with his own mental health problems and caring with me for our sons for over 20 years is more impressive. No accolades though.
    Karen :(

  5. Re: Gold medals

    Posted by suejane at Thu Jul 26, 2012 1:48 pm

    I care very much and wish i was closer to help. There isnt anyone here for us, no friends or neighbours so i do understand isolation and just wish i could do something to help someone else!

  6. Re: Gold medals

    Posted by swissmiss at Thu Jul 26, 2012 1:50 pm

    That is because you are a wonderful caring person Jane!! (((HUGS)))) x :-)
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