1. Ewan you were in my dreeeeams!

    Posted by Guest at Sat Jul 21, 2012 11:47 am

    Omg Ewan!
    My dream was sooooo amazing!

    This is how it goes
    We were talking on chat and then it came to you going and you were like cya later and went offline then you magically climbed through my tv in my bedroom (i dont even have a tv in my room) and then you sat on my bed and went on about this pure big event happening for young carers and you were being apart of it and i wanted you to show me some of the top secret stuff so you gave me your password to get onto some site (longest password ever might i add) and when I logged onto the site i seen me but it was at your house and there was three ipads hocked up like monitors so i could see about your house then the most beautiful woman walked past in your house and i was like "woah shes beautiful" and you went all embarrassed and was like "aye that's my wife" then a wee kitten came up to the screen and it was the cutest kitten ever then a golden lab ran past the screen and i was like screaming "ahhh soo cute" and you were like "call it" and i was like "whats its name" and you wouldn't tell me (evil!) and then all the tv stuff turned off and it was just us talking and i was like do you even want to be involved with this caring stuff and you were like aye if i can help out in anyway then I will and i was like okay ....... then I started to play on one of the two phones i had in my pocked (no idea why i had to) and you took one on me and was like well back home I go and you turned the tv on and climbed back through it!

    This was such a class dream it was set in the 60's to the year I wish I was born and I got to meet you!

    :D x

  2. Re: Ewan you were in my dreeeeams!

    Posted by swissmiss at Sun Jul 22, 2012 1:43 am

    This is crazy!!! :D:D

  3. Re: Ewan you were in my dreeeeams!

    Posted by Guest at Sun Jul 22, 2012 10:48 am

    Perhaps for the first time in 8 years working here, I have absolutely no idea what to say...!

    Brilliant - that really made me laugh! Thank you :) And my wife thanks you for the compliment :lol:
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