but then i would make a mess all over the walls! ha ha ha.

Ok, as everyone knows, it is so difficult to get a job in this economic climate, a person with severe learning disabilities and autism, well impossible.

Many people know i craft, and i desperatly needed a new bag for my crafting needs, Jonathan decided to make me one! well it is stunning, so stunning many people put orders in for a bag, and now he is actually trying to start a company, AWEtistic Desines............ anyone who is on FB please go check it out, and click like for him. (and order if you have an urge to) i thought, if he cannot go and do a job, then the job must come to him! Only me could hit on the idea of starting up a company in the middle of a double dip recession. Teeny weeny little steps, but fingers crossed. he is absolutly loving making the bags, i think he is loving the praise and comments more! xxxxxxxxx