1. Getting our facts straight

    Posted by Lynn_2392 at Wed Jan 19, 2005 12:12 pm

    I think if we want to debate anything with the dear Doctor we need to be clear of our facts. I think Pete and I are a fairly typical couple in terms of husband/wife - disabled/carer under pensionable age - so this is my situation as of todays date. I have no problem sharing it with you as its available to anyone on application. No ifs,buts or maybes - just facts.

    How much the law says you need to live on: Disabled man 55 on higher rate DLA both care and mobility component, Carer 51 not working:

    Personal allowance for couples 87.30
    Disability premium 33.85
    " " enhanced 16.75
    Carer premium 25.55

    TOTAL 163.45

    From this minimum guaranteed income they deduct Incapacity Benefit, Carer Allowance and £1 for each £250 over £3000 savings.

    The balance (if any) is paid by Income Support.

    Means tested or overlapping – its only semantics. Carers allowance is taken into consideration when calculating income and is not "to provide income, seperate from that provided for the disabled person being cared for - and to provide an idependant income for carers" as Maria Eagle said to me in a letter.

    Lynn X

  2. Re: Getting our facts straight

    Posted by Guest at Wed Jan 19, 2005 6:34 pm

    The exact same disinterested reply i got from Maria Eagle, and the same that will be trotted out by Dr Ladyman.
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