Can anyone tell me what happened to the 2 ten year plans that we went through with Labour during their laughable and corrupt period of lording it over the country, what happened to the hilariously ineffective plans that the hilariously inefective and extremely brief Ivan Lewis promised us, then we had the despicable James Purnell who was robbing the country blind during the expenses scandal before disappearing into the abyss of some pointless quango/thinktank nonsense.
It all seemed to vanish like snow off a dyke, and then we got this remarkably pompous set of politicians who seem to think the only way to go forward is to cut everything.
David Cameron is without doubt in my opinion the most irrelevant and grey politician the Tories have had since John Major and it can only be a matter of time till he is ejected unceremoniously back the obscurity of the backbenches or preferably politics completely.
What have this crowd done about the 10 year plans except just seem to carry along regardless, and what sucess does the carers trust have in dealing with the ongoing descrimination against us as carers.
Nothing has changed for years, it never does, what action are we taking except on forums and attending rallys that no politicians ever listen to or turn up at.
I get very annoyed at people who always say there are really good MP's, i have never yet had any decent response from my MP in 4 areas that i have lived in in the last 12 years, they all say the same thing then disappear to be replaced by someone else who says the same.
My current MP is Chris Grayling and his reactions to Carers Allowance is laughable.
My mother sadly passed away 2 weeks ago due to complications to her aneurisym on her heart and i was completely unavailable to attend the funeral in Scotland as it was completely beyond my financial reach, i have no other family members who are financially able to support me at this time and as it is so expensive to travel and funerals are so expensive it was impossible.
I was so upset and furious that i was forced to be in this situation and i wrote to the MP, he did and said nothing other than to contact the DWP, and therefore i consider him a very shallow, arrogant and indeed despicable individual deserving of nothing more than my full disdain.There are no 10 year plans, it is a lie we have put up with for so long and something needs to be done now. Rant complete Scott. :evil: