1. Mum injured in her care home by another resident..what should I do?

    Posted by swissmiss at Wed Aug 15, 2012 10:31 pm

    I hada call last night to say Mum had fallen and was being taken to hospital as she had a bad gash to her head. They said noone was around when she fell and that she had as she has done before simply fallen over. When I got to the hospital I found she had a long gash on her forehead which had been stitched, a gash and bruising under her left eye, a cut to her right side if her head which they glued as it is in her hair and a cut to her right arm. She had bled profusely and her hair was soaked in blood and they had had to throw away her dressing gown as it was too blood soaked to save. They said it looked worse than it was and handed me instructions about wound care and were going to send her straight back to the home.
    I was shocked to see her toenails are badly deformed...very thick and the nails are twisted at angles despite us paying for her to see a chiropodist every month since she went in there in November 2009. All the nursing staff and doctors are shocked and it throws questions about her care. Her new key worker was with her and she told me that she raised questions about Mum's recent care when she took over but that the manager of the home is verbally abusive and intimidates her so she fails unable to raise issues.
    Despite lack of sleep and dealing with my 20 year olds Autistic severely challenging behaviour..he is hitting himself in the face and not sleeping again I managed to get them to keep her in over night.
    They wanted to send her back today. The ward manager said there was no way she should under the circumstances but Social Services tried their level best to do nothing. They denied having received his referral and said they had left messages for me that she woudl have to go back to the home none of which I received [familiar SS tactics] while we sat at the hospital waiting all afternoon for them to come and see Mum! So I called the Safeguarding lead who I had spoken to this morning and the Discharge Coordinator came to see us...he was very kind...and they agreed to safeguard her and keep her in for now while I have been given brochures to use to try and find her a new home!
    Then the doctor came from the rehab ward and told me that the paramedics report states that she was pushed by another resident who is known to be aggressive. It is a large home and there were no carers at the end of the home it happened. carers downstairs, it said, heard shouting and a thud and went up to find Mum lying in a large pool of blood with this resident standing over her.
    I was shocked.
    I have emailed the Safeguarding Lead and Discharge Coordinator tonight and have also emailed our local community police officer who supports me with Ali when i cannot cope with his behaviour or get support from Social Services. Does anyone have any advice how I should proceed???

  2. Re: Mum injured in her care home by another resident..what should I do?

    Posted by lynba2 at Thu Aug 16, 2012 1:41 pm

    karen if the hospital are willing to keep her there for now love let them do it mean while get in touch with the company that run the home you want this investigated now also you have done the right thing informing the police and you need to get an answer why there were no carers on that floor if it is a big home they should have carers on both floors i wouldnt bother going to see the one in charge if your mums keyworker is getting nowhere you dont start a chance with this person i would also look for another home for your mum as it sounds the usual cop out from ss they only really receive things they want to see not what is in front of their eyes all the time this is all you need at this time huggs hun xxx

  3. Re: Mum injured in her care home by another resident..what should I do?

    Posted by swissmiss at Thu Aug 16, 2012 8:11 pm

    The doctor in charge of her care told me today that the next 24-48 hours are critical. She has a lung infection and as her lungs are rotten from decades of smoking her lung capacity is small. She is more and more drifting away and I noticed today that her eyelashes have lost their colour. Yesterday i was well aware of Dad and her parents by her bed in spirit. I hope she makes the journey to be with them and laughing and singing and dancing again. It is nevertheless still a shock and I feel so alone with it. There is none I can call to come.
    Karen x
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