1. Getting annoyed with religion

    Posted by CrystalBlueWolf at Sat Jun 16, 2012 3:55 pm

    Right to start off this ISN'T meant to start a religious argument, if you are religious that is absolutely fine, just keep it to yourself.

    I am getting fed up of these 'healing stations' in my local town centre. And i mean REALLY annoyed. They have told both me and husband (both of us are disabled) that if we pray enough god will heal us....yeah. I've also had someone on a chat room tell me that God will heal my husbands spine, which is a vile thing to say to me. My husband is in constant pain with his spine as his discs are disintegrating slowly over time, telling me that some (in my eyes) fictitious person will help him if i pray really riles me up after a day of watching him suffer. Just getting so angry at these people that i snapped at one of them today. She was handing out leaflets at the 'healing station' and came up to me and asked 'if i wanted to hear about Jesus' i said 'no i'd rather go to hell' to which she replied 'oh you wouldn't want to go there', now normally i would just leave it as that but i had finally had enough and turned to her and said 'if it means spending eternity with people like you, then yes i want to burn in hell!' and walked off :oops: i do feel slightly guilty because it's her opinion if she wants to believe in something. I just don't, and don't appreciate it being shoved down my throat constantly.

    I know it's wrong but still grrr :mad:

  2. Re: Getting annoyed with religion

    Posted by justme91 at Sat Jun 16, 2012 4:10 pm

    I completely understand x

    When my mum gets angry, my dad against me telling him not to says that she has the devil in her and that's why she's the way she is. He also puts his hands on my mum and prays for god to heal her and take the devil out which makes me really angry ! To be honest (my opinion, not meaning to offend) but if he was there she'd be "healed" a long time ago x

    I'm not religious either (and no offence to those who are xxx)

  3. Re: Getting annoyed with religion

    Posted by swissmiss at Sat Jun 16, 2012 8:54 pm

    Have been thinking about why Neil's so-called devout Christian family didnt want to know him and dont want to know us now...how does that square with Jesus' teachings? They are nasty and belittling of anyone not only with an obvious disability but anyone who they view as intellectually inferior which includes anyone who doesnt have a university degree and yet their ignorance makes them inferior human beings in my view.
    There is nothing inherently wrong with spirituality or believing in Christ but plenty wrong with religion. I know that my darling husband is with his friends and family in the spirit world....yet the Baptists who we hooked up with blindly out of need after he passed told us that he would not in their opinion deserve God's forgiveness. Absolute rubbish...That is what the God who Jesus told us about is full of...love and forgiveness... and then you dont require forgiveness if you are not in control of your actions anyway due to mental illness. I dont blame Neil because I know he couldnt stop himself taking his own life.
    Healing doesnt have to come with religious conditions but religions seem to be using it to control people these days. There is free spiritual healing with no conditions at spirtual churches and centres. Whilst it wont fix physical damage it will ease the pain and sometimes easing the pain helps your body not to react in the same way. For example my mother has spondylocis in her spine and was in terrible pain a few years ago. She had several temporary procedures but it came back. Then she saw a pain doctor and had Morphine for a month after which when she came off it had gone. For good. So perhaps the relief had allowed her body to adjust to allow the cause to ease? I dont know. But then if I was suffering in pain week after week, month after month and the standard medical treatment didnt help I would try spiritual healing even if all it did was ease it ...and there is plenty of evidence that it does...but not perhaps from people seeking to control me but from peoplegenuinely giving of their healing as a gift as they do in spiritual centres. It has helped me with the pain of grieving by taking the tension out of my body. It can be done directly or remotely. I can fele my body receiving it randomly and am told that this is because the healers can ask for it to continue and I know that my loved ones in spirit send it to me as well. I know because I am now tuned into feeling spirit. I guess that when the world was a quieter place human beings were more tuned into this energy but now that we are surrounded by noise and chaos...constant humming from electrical appliances, TV and noise from traffic etc....that we are less aware?
    Karen xx :):)

  4. Re: Getting annoyed with religion

    Posted by CrystalBlueWolf at Sun Jun 17, 2012 12:14 am

    True. I mean don't get me wrong if people think it works and it does for them then kool. I just don't like it when familes force disabled people to have these 'healings' when they don't always know what is happening to them. It's taking advantage of them in a sense and its wrong.

    In regards to your message swissmiss, his family seem very hypocritical.

  5. Re: Getting annoyed with religion

    Posted by swissmiss at Sun Jun 17, 2012 1:01 am

    I havent come across this and would feel like you do. I think they think they are saving souls ...the Baptists did but it felt very oppressive and I decided to walk away. As for Neil's family...well...I know how much damage they did to him ..destroyed his selfesteem ..sadly he couldnt get past their lack of love for himself or us. More and more Christian churches seem to be becoming more like the Jewish faith whereby they see themselves as the chosen few and you're either on the boat or you drown. Very misguided. They do tend to target the vulnerable which is why the Baptists homed in on us just after Neil died. It was obvious and smothering and controlling but even in the state I was in I could see that. I have never felt anything other than kindness and unconditional friendship in a spiritualist church though. Noone seeks to dominate or tell you what you should be thinking or believing. I personally do believe in Jesus as the Son of God and dont see any contradiction between his teachings and Spiritualism. I also think that we are best allowing each other to find our own path as whenever man tried to unite in belief we find reasons to disagree, fall out and eventually make religious wars.
    Why dont you try some spiritual healing? It is not nearly as weird or marginalised as I used to think and one of the centres we visit we donate for the Hummingbird cancer trust in Bishops Stortford where cancer sufferers and their carers benefit from it. It might help and you might like the people...then again you might not but you wont have lost anything! :-)
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