hello i just found this site i am 31 years old and am a full time carer to my partner tony 53 who has had 2 strokes and about 12 tia in the last year its hard to cope with as well as having to do 80% of every day stuff for him i also have 3 children 10, 5 and 3 to look after my 10 year old has adhd and him and tony rub each other up the wrong way which is hard because the last stroke left tony with anger issues so have childrens ss involved even though tony has never layed 1 finger on any of the kids but have been given no help at all just wondered what i can do i live off 1 meal a day and get a max of 4 hours sleep a night its hard because i have no family around to help there about 3 hours away i cant eve get rest bite becuse they say we dont qulify for it feel ike im stuck in a hole and cant get out