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    Posted by swissmiss at Fri Sep 23, 2011 7:09 pm

    I rang our SW today and got yet another stream of info not previously volunteered. It would seem I can have day care or evening activity placement free of charge for my son if it is to give me respite. Previously this was to be charged at around £60 a day then they said £5.70 a day...apparently it will be £5.70 a day if it is for his benefit but free if it is to give me a break. OK. I asked if I could have a carer's assessment and she said I didnt need one? She said that the care I provide is clearly described on his assessment. So that means that not only can we theoretically have free services for him but you dont actually need to have a carers assessment to get respite???? It just gets weirder. Then she mentioned that if I get a prescription from my GP I can have 30 hours of free sitting service from Care Watch allocated 4 times a year?!
    She is choc-a bloc next week but is getting onto it on October 3rd.
    Is any of this documented as our rights because I cannot understand where these services and regulations are put in writing. Or do they make it up as they go along?
    Karen x

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    Posted by avidreader at Fri Sep 23, 2011 11:17 pm

    hi swiss,
    i think they pluck a figure out of thin air,g/f had 1st session at a day centre today she going to give it a go for a month see how it goes but each time cost us £18 ,£15 to ss and £3 to centre for food that come to £72 a moonth which i think is a lot dont know how long we be able to keep it up for,
    from tracy

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    Posted by snowman50 at Fri Sep 23, 2011 11:53 pm

    I was told I was entitled to respite after a carer's assessment but that I would have to arrange it and pay for it myself! Course I could do that anyway. Why should I need an assessment to tell me that? So cost? £10 + per half hour but no guarantee the carer would arrive or arrive on the agreed time. So for three half hour sessions a week (what can you do in half an hour?) I get a monthly bill of £120 and more when there is a bank holiday involved. If there is an emergency like doctor's appointment which has to be arranged at 8.00 am on the day you can't cancel the arrangement as they need minimum of 24 hours notice.
    My income, carer's allowance £55 per week and earn £35 a week plus the odd tenner here and there but because I have savings I have to pay the full wack, no discounts on council tax. As my own health is bad I am considering applying for some help for myself but wonder if I would be any better off and probably subject myself to some smart arse assessor asking if I can wipe my own bottom or lift a pint of milk. Well I can as it happens but there is no way I could do a day's work now. The small job I have exhausts me especially with looking after a home, myself and my disabled wife, bouts of collitus, AS, depression,psoriasis.....
    perhaps laisez faire until I fall out of my tree.
    Will I be that lucky?

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    Posted by swissmiss at Sat Sep 24, 2011 10:53 am

    All I can say is that as it changes day by day what they offer and what they want you to pay for maybe it's a case of asking every day until you get what you need and want? Weird..........

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    Posted by ena1 at Mon Sep 26, 2011 8:53 am

    I've had social workers say things that no-one else has ever heard about & then deny that they ever said it in the first place then accuse us of getting it wrong! They seem to be intent on us running around like fools, raking up massive phone bills.

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    Posted by Online support team at Mon Sep 26, 2011 1:31 pm

    Hi Karen,

    We read your posts and we're so very happy to hear you will be getting the respite you need!

    You asked about carers' assessments and we wondered if the link below will help to clarify things a little?:

    http://www.nhs.uk/CarersDirect/guide/as ... rview.aspx


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    Posted by swissmiss at Mon Sep 26, 2011 3:04 pm

    I am not sure as yet what we will be getting? If only it was as simple as finding out what procedures and services there are? That is the point. You can have assessments and yet still not have your assessed needs met. Then again it would seem that SWs can bring in hidden criteria and give you what you need. It is anything but transparent and very arbitrary.
    Just now I feel sick. Friday & Saturday night not only did Ali not sleep but he randomly ran at my bedroom door and kicked it throughout the night. I dont know if it was that or if i had a bug brewing ..most likely the stress of that and/or the burden of grieving for Neil has set my diverticular off again...which landed me in hospital in July! Got another week to go till the SW gets back in touch and a Psychiatrist appt we've been waiting for for months on Thursday...I dont know how we survive to be honest?!
    Ena, that has been our total experience to date...over 10 years of SS shenanigans!!!
    Karen x

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    Posted by swissmiss at Thu Sep 29, 2011 10:14 am

    Hi again
    Ali's SW Rang on Monday...she has arranged for an immediate start for him at the local day centre we prefer...we are meeting with her there while he goes bowling next friday to discuss the full package of needs and a suitable approach...including respite for me. I had to endure the lecture about "letting go" [like I have a problem!] and how we had turned down services in Lincs [I told her I know thats what they've put on file but it is an outright lie!]...I said to her that she and I havent fallen out "yet" so that's got to be a good sign!!!!! She asked me what I meant by "yet"? I said that after 10 years of total frustration with SS I would wait till I see it happen!!! At least she is feisty and human and we can have a laugh...I wonder , did she miss the induction course where they dehumanise them or is she from a different planet to the others????
    Promising. She confirmed Ali will pay just £5 a day for services which is good! Dont know where that regulation comes from but am not complaining.
    Karen x
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