Employment and carers

Income Support
Income support (IS) can be claimed by people who are not available for work or are not actively seeking a job. This is why if you are a carer, under 60 years old, and on a low income, you may be entitled to IS. It can be paid both as a sole form of income or as a ‘top up’ to other low income.
Pension Credit
Pension credit was introduced in 2003 and has two elements: The Guarantee Credit and the Savings Credit.Guarantee Credit is for those who have reached the minimum qualifying age whereas Savings Credit is for those aged 65 or over. Pension Credit in general is not taxable.
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Social Fund

The Social Fund is to help those people with living costs that aren't covered by their weekly benefit payments. The Social Fund includes a set of non-taxable grants and loans. For most of them, the person claiming the Social Fund is required to be on a particular benefit, for example, Income Support. The Social Fund is divided into two parts, the budgeted and discretionary, and the regulated and non-discretionary Social Funds.
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