Our goal is always to ensure our site is easy and reliable to use - and this sometimes involves placing small amounts of information on your device, for example, computer or mobile phone. These small files are known as cookies. They cannot be used to identify you personally.

The Cookies we place on your device are used on this site in the following ways:

First party cookies

These are our own cookies which are controlled by us. These cookies are to enhance the user functionality and experience of the website. See the table below for more details on these:



Cookie Name

What does it do?


This is a session cookie, used to track logged-in status.  The cookie name is usually suffixed with a random ID.  Eg. SESS1234abc


phpbb3_jcqz2_k, phpbb3_jcqz2_sid,

These are Forum board cookies, used for the forum to function correctly


This cookie details whether the browser has Javascript enabled or not.  The site will enhance functionality if Javascript is enabled



Detects the bandwidth capability of a computer or device in order to improve initial rendition of a video being played


Third party cookies

The other type of cookies we use are placed by parties other than our own. For example, Google Analytics cookies enable us to track user activity on the site and collect information about how visitors use our site. Or cookies may be used by other websites to track when users visit their services via The following table explains these in more detail:



Cookie Name

What does it do?

__utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmz

This is a Google Analytics cookie. It’s used to track user activity on the site. The cookie domain is actually , but as the code that sets it is from, it’s a third party cookie. This contains anonymised information on links, buttons clicked on the site, what pages have been visited and for how long.


These cookies are used by YouTube to track usage of its services



This cookie holds browser information.  This allows YouTube to increase video functionality (for example in HTML5-enabled browsers)

__utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmz,

These analytics cookies are set by the Lockerz / Add to Any service (which allow users to share content on the site).


Session cookie set when a user arrives on a page where there is an embedded video present


Tracking cookie set when a user arrives on a page where there is an embedded video present


Set by the video on Akamai provides services for delivery of online media; these cookies collect anonymous user information to track behavioural patterns and provide targeted advertising.


This is an analytics tracking cookie, which helps provide targeted advertising to the user


Third party cookies and browser-set cookies

The following third party cookies are set by browsers in order to ensure safe browsing that protects users from intrusive websites. See below for details on this.



Cookie Name

What does it do?



Google tracking and safe browsing cookies. Google’s NID and PREF cookies are set by browsers to protect users against known intrusive sites. If you arrive at one of these sites it allows your browser to take action or notify you. Users can stop these cookies being set by turning off their browser’s ‘safe browsing’ mode.


Need to know more about cookies?

More information about cookies, can be found on the following websites:


How to disable cookies.

To disable cookies on your browser please follow one of the below links.

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