CBT assessment

 Cass had the assessment today and it went so well.  He diagnosed her with agorophobia and a panic disorder.  He thinks 15 sessions and he can have her to the point where she is able to manage going out alone again and cope with life more.  Just feel so happy for her.

The only thing I really need to discuss with him is that autonomic dysfunction (POTS etc which comes hand in hand with EDS) can cause panic disorder, so will take some info with us when we go next Tuesday for the second part of the assessment.

Dom has had an assessment for extra time for the GCSE's as well this week.  The assessor said at least 25% of the time back, so that made me feel better.  His hands end up in so much pain when he writes that it's important he gets that sorted.

Dave has had a bad week in himself, I don't know what started it, but he has been quite irritable.  Looks like I am going to have to keep my eye on him and call Doc H if I think he is getting worse.

As for me, I have flu.  How I love the fact that EDS lowers my immune systed and leaves me vulnerable.  We went to McDonald's and the girl on the drive thru passed me the drinks and there i was happily guzzling away.  I asked her how she was and she said "well I've been a bit rough, I think I have the flu starting".  Within 12 hours I was laid up.  I've been like it for days now, and as you can see no matter how rough it gets I am still here looking after everyone else.  Right better go and sort Dave's lithium out.

Hope everyone is well and you're all taking some time for yourselves x



Hi, I've just read your blog

Hi, I've just read your blog and wondered how your daughter was getting on? I haven't been on here since 2008 but I'm still a carer for my own daughter who is now 19. She suffers from Bipolar but also has Social Anxiety Disorder and PTSD. CBT and psychotherapy did not work for the latter but she is undergoing EMDR which seems to be working really well. It might be worth considering if your daughter comes to a halt with her therapy. I hope you and your family are all ok as much as you can be at the moment.

Thank you so much hun :)

Thank you so much hun :) xxxx

She has done amazingly well. She is just off to go on the bus with her psychologist for the first time in maybe 18 months. She's nervous, but doing it. If she can start to do things alone then she will have cracked it all together. Everything crossed for her xxx

glad that the assessent went

glad that the assessent went well :) and that he thinks he can help her feel able to cope again. Fingers crossed that it works. Also yay for extra time :) i had that with my exams and it really helps as you don't feel so rushed so hopefully his hands won't hurt as much. And hope you and Dave feel better soon hun. Take care x

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