July 2012

Acting as a Court of Protection Deputy

To anybody thinking about doing the right thing and serving as a Deputy for a relative: Don't.  It's enough to drive you insane.

This film should be seen by all who care about their NHS

My daughter and I went to the Unite Rally on wednesday. We were there at one pm but most of the people didn't go until late evening. We didn't realise this but it was still worth going. We stood with our banners in the rain being watched by several Police cars. We met some lovely people all who supported the NHS and who are really concerned about the Bill and the implications.

Roll with the punches

Do you remember the old rocky movies where he's training for a fight and he's pounding away at the punch bag, each blow as powerful as the last. Each punch succeeded by another and another and another... Didn't he ever get tired and just quit?

That's me. That's my life throwing the punches. I'm the bag. Each blow coming fast and furiously taking my breath away barely giving me time to recover from the last till... Wham... I've been hit again. Each blow timed to hit just moments after I've recovered from the last. Each blow designed to hit me where it hurts the most.

The disabled caring for the disabled

Well not really sure what to say this month, not a lot has happened really. We've started on getting the garden done but everything seems to be going wrong in my eyes. Originally we should have had it done by now. And we've spent WELL over budget too. But the stupid person in B&Q told us the wrong thing so in the end we ended up with the wrong slabs so they are too small so we had to order loads more, then we didn't have enough sand as the slabs were too small and thin so we needed more sand, more membrane etc etc etc.

Caring for 24years has left me with little for myself.

My daughter is 24 years old now. I have been caring for her through her life. Today I was thinking about the amount of help I have had in those years and I can honestly say I can count those times on one hand. As an older carer where has that left me? I had to give up work in 2006 and leaving a career that I could have advanced in Horticulture. I was at that time offered a manager's job but of course I could not even consider it as my older children wanted to leave home and they used to look after my daughter whilst I was working.