December 2011

I hope you enjoyed Chrismtas Day

All that hard work for a day......... and already we are bonbarded with Sale adverts. We had a nice day but didn't do anything special. I don't cook the traditional Christmas Dinner because we prefer to eat other things......... So we had rice, guinea Fowl with vegetables. It was lovely. I got up christmas morning and felt like silly it was as I had a lot of washing up to do but it was simply because I never had time to do it before.I have now got boxes of everything.........mince pies, sausage rolls, cake etc all home made which is a miracle in itself............

My Time

Last year i completed a foundation course in counselling and psychotherapy and during one of my first practice sessions my client kept asking the time. This bothered me a bit. I didn't understand the rush and I didn't know how to answer. My facilitator having picked up on this gently suggested I could always state, "We have time."

She still believes in Santa but...

After a great week in the snow in Sweden with three generations of the family enjoying Santa, sliegh rides, snow angels and Glug wine we flew back into heathrow late yesterday afternoon and landed with a bump literaly. Our daughter is only 4ft tall and complete with her body cast wieghs only 34 kilos. If she were under 12yrs of age she would have to use a car seat or  booster cushion in the car to make travel legal.

Isolated safety

So the comments on my blog the invisible woman have had me thinking about the nature of my  loneliness. Feeling alone and being alone are two very different states and in my case I think feeling alone is very much of my own making.

Although Ronnie had Parkinson's symptoms since he was at least sixteen he was twenty eight when he was diagnosed. I was twenty three, we had two young kids and to say we were shocked by the diagnosis....well you can imagine. Everyone dealt with the diagnosis in their own way and my way was to repeat to myself the mantra, "I can cope."

What EVERY MP should know about welfare reform

 I am passing this information through please share with people you know and lets get our voices heard. Add stories from your local newspaper.

Welfare Changes so far.

The National Association of Welfare Rights Advisors has put together
this handy chart, showing all the proposed changes to the benefit system in
one place.

They plan to keep it updated to keep up with developments