September 2011

What you see isn't what you get!

Had a bit of a thoughtful weekend.....

Answer to my letter from Primary Care trust Re Carers breaks.

I was pleased to receive an answer back regarding Carer’s Breaks from Helen Buckingham Director of Whole system Commissioning/Deputy Chief Executive. I am pleased they recognise we are all assets to the community. Let’s hope they deliver. The Primary Care Trust is doing their best to make a plan to improve the support carers need.

A beautiful day

It is a beautiful day. My daughter and I are going for a lovely walk. We have found walking a great way to get rid of the stresses of the day and we love nature. Howver I am still a little concerned how my daughter would get about the countryside as she is still not travelling alone. Pretty soon things will change and she will I a sure get the help. However the countryside is difficult. I tried to join the ramblers society but it was filled with older people my age. It is not so good for my daughter who wants to make friends.

Great Answer from Lady Richardson MP Welfare Reform Bill

Thank you for your message. I agree with the points you make and will do my best to represent them in committee.

You have a difficult enough time without having to deal with the increased anxiety you obviously feel. Please accept my good wishes for you and your daughter.

Kathleen Richardson


 as someone looking forward to retirement and an easier lifestyle, it was a blow to both of us when my wife was diagnosed with Parkinsons, 2 years after she retired after 25 yrs in nursing.

 However needs must and we are now enjoying our life, and our static caravan, and although i have had C.O.P.D. for 20 yrs and my wifes' Parkinsons, we manage by helping each other with the chores, each tackling what the other cannot manage.

So keep smiling and you will get by,

p.s.we,ve been together for 45 years.

Life's what you make it

 *Sending positive vibes and happiness* 

A day like today doesn’t happen very often ~ It’s been a perfect day.  Work has been great, I’m feeling great, Today has been great!  

Sometimes we worry and worry about things and we can worry ourselves that much that we think were going to feel down forever and that nothing will change. If you think nothing will change your probably right to make things change you have to do something!  

Carers can't retire - Philippa Russell

Note: The following blog post has been contributed by Philippa Russell, carer for her adult son with a learning disability and who cared for her mother with dementia. She is also the Chair of the Standing Commission on Carers.

Answer back from Rehman Chisti and Maria Miller MP's.

Rehman Chisti  MP for Medway was kind enough to follow things through with Maria Miller in regards to some issues I raised on the Welfare Reform Bill.


Counselling is a free service for all carers

I had counselling for four weeks as I was begining to feel pretty stressed out. I was pleased that it was done by means of the telephone and the lady was very easy to talk to. You are asked several questions and to fill in forms on how you have felt the last weeks. It was good to talk to someone and I am glad someone gave me the chance to offload.

WLTM anybody who has been granted continuing health care!

Auntie has been in a nursing home since 27 June.  As expected, we didn't get continuing health care for her - East Berks does it on a formula and she missed out despite having needs in 10 of the 11 domains.  So I appeal.  I challenge both the process and the outcomes and send off a tome about 30 pages long, complete with evidence.  A month goes by and I hear nothing so I ring up.  The appeal is being heard tomorrow.