February 2011

Early days of caring.

I remember those early days of caring when one feels lost and information was hard to find. These days there is a lot more help but I still find many carers not knowing all the benefits. I don't know why they do not automatically send you everything you need. Early days were harder because you are continously coming up against obstacles that you need to learn about. I think the internett is a great source of information but I never bought a computer until about 6 years ago. It has been the best thing I have ever bought.


The things we do together…..

I haven’t blogged for a bit, and this is why - three weeks ago yesterday we both fell down the stairs.  Fifteen steps, straight down, landing on a stone floor. ‘How come?’ you might ask.

Being told your child has a disability.

I remember those days as being very confusing and trying to cope with three children was hard. My body was always tired through the sleepless nights and my husband was working all hours to try and keep the household going. Our relationship started suffering and there was little time for us.


Back to the early days.

Blog 1.This is my first blog for The Princess Royal Trust for Carers One of the reasons I found myself wanting to write is because sharing information with each other is one way of helping each other. Each carer has got a lot of different experiences to mine. I have found over the years when I am looking for a solution there is always someone to answer my questions or help me see things differently.

Just another day!

Another week has passed by and I can't believe we have hit half term.  I have some holiday left to use by the end of March so I thought would be a good week to take off.  I have so much to do working might sound a better option looking at the week ahead.

Love is in the air?

They say that Febuary is the month for love. Rubbish! Love is not confined by anything, it is a normal everyday thing. If the only time people can show each other love is at valentines then they have lost their way. Perhaps you have lost yours too? I recently realsied that I have. 

Government GUILTY of Identity Theft.

We've been a bit too quiet - sorry - been busy, been suffering at the hands of every winter virus that exists and been, as usual, rather p*****d off with all aspects of officialdom who seem itent on making our lives as miserable as possible - do you think they get a bonus for this? ! 

Love #2

Tonight is the night before St Valentine's day, which to those of us without an other half means the social equivalent of being pursued through darkened woodland by an angry mob armed with pitchforks and burning torches.  Tomorrow evening, as what apparently amounts to the rest of the world will stagger around burdened with bunches of flowers, single red roses, cuddly toys and enveloped cards hanging out of bags and pockets like banners, some of us in the carer community will be coping with the tolling bell in the back of our heads that sounds out "you sad, unloved singleton"


When I first realised the complexity of my daughter's medical needs I felt nothing but love for her, and this carried me through the next few years of hard, hard work.  This love helped me limp through the dark days when my husband left us "to find himself" without the needs to take his debts with him, this love has propped and supported me through 40 hour working weeks with little more than 28 hours of sleep over seven days due my daughter's night fits.  It is a love that has held me close through the long night watches, the 5 a.m.

Love = 14th February?

Welcome to the month of February a month when we express our love  for each other through our wallets (:

Everyone has someone that they love and everyone has someone who loves them whether that be friends, family , work colleagues or the wee person who you cheer up by saying “hello” to  when your walking down the road.