December 2010

Thinking about hope

It seems like a good time of year to write about hope!  It plays a big part in that rollercoaster of emotions that is caring, and I never realised what it was before that, or how irrelevant it seems to many in that logical, fact based world of ours.

Don't spoil the surprise!


Every year there's one - and every year I want to bang my head on the shop counter and tell the person behind it what a complete fool they are!

PIcture the scene - we are out shopping and I see something that I want to buy for my daughter for Christmas.  It is sooooooooooo easy!  I pick it up and keep it behind the wheelchair at all times.  When we get to the till I position the wheelchair so that she can't see what I'm buying.  The item in question then stays in its bag until we get home and I can hide it. 

The begining of caring

Okay so I fail at planning blogs and planning what to write.
So as use hardly know anything about me I thought id tell you things about me and how I began caring for my mum (I also care for my brothers) but my mums illness affected me the most.