November 2010

Never off duty

What can a girl say?

I’ve been at this caring lark for over 26 years and, like many others, feel that the lack of change in the numerous important aspects of being a carer can be soul destroying.

Is that your Dad?

I was going to call this, ‘Is that your Dad: my top ten crass remarks’, but to our great surprise we couldn’t think of that many! Such it is to be the eternal optimists….So let’s stick with, ‘Is that your Dad?’. We get this a lot, usually from people even worse than me at engaging their brains before opening their mouths. I’ve tried various retorts:

The change for YC is happening !!

Ever had a night with no sleep and then having to get out of a warm cosy bed for work in the morning …. Not to mention the bit in between getting out of bed and turning up for work - the chaotic rush of getting people out of bed, making breakfast & lunches as well as trying to comfort a sick baby who’s also had hardly any sleep while running about the house trying to find that hairbrush that seems to grow legs overnight and go missing every single morning without fail!

Where did my husband go?

I started by telling you what happened to us, so I thought I’d start to share a bit of what it’s been like since that life-changing moment.  You could explain what happened to me as being widowed and then presented with a helpless stranger to care for in the same split second.   Where did my soulmate – my lover and best friend – go? 

Do you judge ...?

Going to the bakery is normally a normal event for someone, you go in get buns/cake whatever and walk out … I came out of the bakery today with a big question on my mind “ why do people judge each other?”  Let’s face it, we all judge people *if you say you’ve never judged anyone your lying* but we don’t like it when our family, friends or ourselves are judged by others ….