carers week 2011

This is a bit controversial....

…..but do tell me what you think

Are we influencing the government/local councils/PCTs/social services/whatever in the most effective way??

One day shaking hands with David Cameron.....

…..the next day, up to my armpits in poo!  How the other half lives, eh. 


The True Face of Caring (Part 1 - "The Good")

Carers are like trees. We weather the storm of life but continue to grow in our strength and wisdom mentally. We don’t get knocked down easily as we continue to stand but at times we wither and at times we break…and at times our spirit dies. I am covering the True face of caring in three parts.

The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.

Carers Week. I finally got round to writing to my MP Rehman Chisti

Today I had a moment of inspiration when I felt like sitting down and writing to my MP.I spent several years writing to Pual Clark which proved pointless and here I am again trying again. We must all continue to speak up when we can and even if nothing changes at least we have made someone think. I felt a lot better once I had put a stamp on the letter and off it went. I wrote about the Hardest Hit campaign, DLA cuts and social services cuts. As it is Carers week I sent him a letter that I wrote to the BBC in 2007 and asked him what has in fact has changed for Carers?

Caring. What has changed?

One can always hope that something magical happens but in reality sometimes I feel as if I am in a prison doing a life sentence. Of course my daughter is worth every minute but I want to see her live her own life. There is help out there but not always the help the person needs. So many disabled have different needs and different conditions not everything fits in place.

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