Carers' stories

Throughout the UK it is estimated that one in eight people carry out an unpaid caring role. Here are a selection of personal stories of people sharing their experiences of looking after a loved-one. These carers receive support from the Network Partners of Carers Trust.

John's Story

Mental health is still a taboo.

John's health has suffered due to the pressures of caring; he has had bouts of depression diagnosed as secondary to his partner's illness, which has caused him to take time off work.

Vicky's Story

I became a carer overnight.

Vicky has been a parent carer for her son Paul who has cerebral palsy for 31 years and for her 24 year old son Daniel who has severe ADHD with related social, emotional and behavioural problems.

Ronnie's Story

Nobody knows what a carer is.

Ronnie, 61, has cared for his wife for over 15 years. With MS and osteoarthritis in her spine, Ann needs 24 hour care.

Karon's Story

I felt invisible.

Karon has been caring for her mother who has osteoporosis and osteoarthritis for seven years.

Joan's Story

It gets harder as you get older.

Joan, 75, cares for her daughter who was born with physical and learning disabilities as a result of German measles during pregnancy. Joan’s husband is 82 and has had a stroke

Anne's Story

Anne cares for her 16 year old daughter, Paula, who has Deletion Syndrome.

Ray's Story

Ray cared for his wife Mary, who suffered from multiple sclerosis, until her death earlier this year.

Caroline’s Story

Caroline Blackwell graduated on 9 June 2006 at Bridgewater Hall, Manchester with a BSc Honours Degree in Air and Environmental Sciences.

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