Carers Community Rules

We want everyone to enjoy using our discussion boards and chatroom, so we have put together some guidelines to ensure that you feel safe and comfortable as a member of our carers' community.

Please bear in mind that this community is for adult carers (i.e. 18 and over) who look after a family member, partner or friend. Adults with an interest in carers' issues are welcome too, but the community is first and foremost a place for carers themselves. If you are under 18, please go to our online community for young carers, Babble, supervised by our team of online support workers: Sam, Ewan, Tina, Susannah and Penny. If you are aged 16-25, please go to our online community for young adult carers, Matter, moderated by the same team of online support workers.

Is this site confidential?

Normally, we keep any personal information you give us private and don’t pass it on to anyone else. We wouldn’t even think of trying to help you against your wishes unless we were very concerned about someone’s safety. But if you tell us something (either directly or by posting it on our boards, blogs, etc) which gives us good reason to think that someone is at risk or in danger, we may have to tell another organisation about it in order to get help for that person.

We keep a confidential record of the questions and messages that are emailed to us and where we record any personal information that you decide to give us. This is to help us remember the people we get to know, and to provide a good service. Nothing is kept secret from you and we will be happy to show you what information we have about you.

If you’d like to give us any feedback, good or bad, about the services provided through, then find out how here


We often hear from professionals, students and researchers who wish to post messages asking for carers' views about things. Please contact us at before doing that. We will only post messages from professionals if we consider them to be of interest and benefit to our members. We'll try to help where we can, but we reserve the right not to publish things on our message boards. Even if you're a Carers Space member yourself (as many people who work with carers are), remember that this is a place for carers to spend time, socialise and support one another, not to feel studied or questioned.


  • Keep the messages relevant to the discussion topic
  • Don't use bad language, which includes language that someone else may think is racist or sexist
  • Respect everyone's right to an opinion, even if you disagree
  • Guard your own confidentiality; don't post your real name, address, telephone number or your email address on a message
  • Please don't post messages that can be deemed as commercial advertising, as these will be removed
  • Any message which constitutes a personal attack against anyone, on any grounds, will be immediately removed and a warning will be issued to the user
  • Respect the privacy of other users
  • The information posted is not normally moderated, so please do not use these facilities inappropriately
  • Any statements or opinions posted onto the site are those of the person posting them alone and are in no way endorsed by Carers Trust
  • We reserve the right to remove any message or topic, which we deem to be unsuitable for our community.
  • We ask that you do not post photos of anyone under the age of 16, or include them in your profile pictures. If posting pictures of people over the age of 16, please check that they’re ok with you doing so

We will evaluate any messages that break these rules on a case by case basis. If your message is found to have broken these rules you will be given a warning, after three warnings you will be banned.

We also reserve the right to delete a user's registration if he/she fails to follow the guidelines as detailed above.

Please report any abuse immediately to our Online Support Team

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