Carers action on care and support

Help achieve improved rights for carers

It is essential for carers to have their needs met in order to assist their caring role and maintain their own physical and emotional health. The draft Care and Support Bill proposes significant changes to the law making it easier for carers to receive assessments. Government ran a consultation period with local charities and carers to hear our views. The government's consultation period is now closed.  

Thank you for taking the time out to act and respond. 

 What does the draft Bill propose so far?
  • Simplifies, clarifies and improves on the current legislation. 
  • Proposes new rights for carers.
  • Aims to introduce a more person centred care and support system that helps people stay independent and promotes their wellbeing


Have a look at the briefings below about proposed changes to the care and support system

Briefing 1: Short briefing on key clauses affecting carers

Briefing 2: Detailed briefing clause by clause

Briefing 3: What does the draft Care and Support Bill mean for young carers

The next phase for the legislation is pre-legislative scrutiny. We will update here when this is announced. 

 For more information, email Emma Smale, Senior Policy & Parliamentary Officer, Carers Trust at