Young carer Christmas appeal

Many of the carers we support, such as eight year old Holly, may seem like any other child you could meet. They love to see their friends, make you laugh, go to the park and draw pictures. However, once you start to find out about their home situation and how it affects every other aspect of their lives, the reality is at times shocking.

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Every carer counts

Jessica is one of an estimated 700,000 young carers in the UK. These young carers, often put their own needs to one side as they dedicate their time to a loved one.

With your support, we can reach more young carers like Jessica so that they can enjoy life in the way so many other young people do.

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Jennifer's appeal

We would like to talk to you about something we never seem to have enough of, sometimes run out of and most importantly we all take for granted, and that is ‘time’.

Jennifer cares for two people, and is desperately in need of time for herself as a carer, as well as for the loved ones she cares for.

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Grace's appeal

Can you guess what Grace would like for Christmas? Grace really does not want anything for herself. Grace is always putting her family first and this is especially true at Christmas.

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Lucy's appeal

Lucy, 12 care's for her mother who is registered blind. Read more about her story and how you can help.

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Kirsten's appeal

Kirsten, 12, has cared full-time for her mother for three years. Find out more about the chalenges she faces and how you can help improve the lives of young carers across the UK.

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Digital Forest appeal

Caring doesn’t stop at Christmas. Please show your support for carers by planting a tree in our digital fo rest. 

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Frank's appealfrank with his wife at their wedding

Frank cared for his wife for almost 25 years until she recently passed away. Find out how he managed through this time and what other carers are going through.

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Michael Sheen appealMichael Sheen

In this video, Michael reveals some of the challenges that carers face, and highlights the huge number of people affected by these issues every day.

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Josh's Christmas appealJosh

Josh cares for his mum who suffered a very serious back injury in an accident. He is no longer the carefree boy he used to be as he spends most of his time either helping or thinking about his mum.

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Bernard appeal

Bernard has been caring for his wife, Jean, since 2000 when she had a serious stroke which left her partially paralysed and in need of a wheelchair. Now, at the age of 79, she has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Find out more about UK's older carers


Pam Ferris appeal

Pam Ferris, the actor, cared for her mother who was at the end of her life. She describes her experience as feeling "panicked" but knowing that she had to carry on for her mother. From her experience and through her interaction with other carers, Pam knows that there is a real and pressing need to support carers.

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BBC Lifeline appealBBC lifeline appeal

You can help the UK’s six million carers by telling your family, friends and colleagues to tune in to BBC One on Sunday 19th June (tune in from 4:30 pm) to learn more about the work we do and make a donation.

Find out more about the BBC lifeline appeal for carers


Winnie appeal

Winnie aged 80, alongside her husband, had been caring for their daughter, born with learning disabilities, for 50 years. When her husband suffered two heart attacks, she faced an even more demanding caring role when she became a carer for him as well.

Find out more about why it is so important to support carers like Winnie


Melanie appeal

Melanie's mother was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis six years ago. Only months later, her father became involved in a road accident which left him partially paralysed. Without realising it, Melanie became a "young carer." By the age of 12, Melanie had been caring for six years!

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