Who Cares?

It's sometimes difficult to imagine the huge emotional and physical cost of caring, but after taking the journey through the life of a carer by playing this Facebook app we hope we showed you the reality six million of the UK's population are faced with.

Caring isn’t something you choose. Nearly nine in 10 people find it difficult to leave their homes due to their caring role, according to a survey by The Trust in 2011. Over 75% of respondents said they had lost touch with friends because of their caring role. And, unlike Facebook, where it is easy to unfriend or unsubscribe, carers can't opt out.


On 1st April 2012, The Princess Royal Trust for Carers merged with Crossroads Care to create a new carers charity, Carers Trust. Read more


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"It’s hard for friends to understand what it’s like to be a carer. They keep asking you out and when you have to keep saying no they think you don’t want to come out, they don’t understand that you just can’t.’"

Stephen, aged 19, long-term carer to his 17-year-old younger brother who has autism.

Looking after someone does not mean you have to give up your own life - if you are a carer, organisations such as Carers Trust are here to offer information, advice and support.