Stories of young carers helped with grants


15-year-old Graham cares for his mum who is receiving ongoing treatment for breast cancer.

Graham is 15-years-old and cares for his mum who is receiving ongoing treatment for breast cancer. Graham helps his mum with all household chores but his main caring role takes the form of providing emotional support which can be for up to 49 hours per week. Graham was awarded £280 to participate in a personal development activity through sailing with Ocean Youth Trust. As well as teaching him the necessary skills to sail, a passion of his, it will also enable Graham to build his self esteem, develop personal and social skills whilst accessing respite from his large caring role.


13-year-old Rachel has been caring for her mum who suffers from mental health problems.

Rachel is now 13 and has been caring for her mum from a very young age. Her mother suffers from mental health problems and has been placed in psychiatric care recently resulting in Rachel and her sibling being taken into foster care. Rachel has been awarded £60 for an arts award which helps young people to develop as artists and arts leaders. Rachel has been going to her local Carers' Centre for six years, who were instrumental in encouraging her to pursue the arts award which will help build her self esteem.


Katy, aged 15 is a secondary carer for her younger brother who suffers from brain injury and father who has throat cancer.

Katy, aged 15, is a secondary carer for her younger brother and father. Her brother suffered a brain injury from a childhood accident and her father is alcohol dependent and has recently been diagnosed with throat cancer. Katy helps her mum to directly care for both her brother and her father on a daily basis as well as doing all household chores and providing emotional support to her mum. Katy is a dedicated kick boxer and trains three times a week at her local kickboxing club. She has been competing since the age of nine and has recently won a silver medal. Katy was awarded £300 to support costs of her attending an event where she would represent Scotland at 2010’s kickboxing competition taking place in Portugal.


Michele, aged 12 cares for her mum who suffers from depression.

Michele, aged 12, cares for her mum who suffers from depression. Michele provides various scales of emotional and physical support on a daily basis dependent on her mother’s condition. Michele enjoys being outdoors and doing physical activities but is unable to partake in this regularly due to her mother's illness. Michele is also struggling at school, having recently been diagnosed with dyslexia. Michele has been awarded £198 to pay for a five-night residential school trip to a local outdoor pursuits centre. Michele will be taking part in a number of different activities such as canoeing, archery, rafting etc. Alongside giving her a chance to partake in a hobby she enjoys, the trip has allowed Michele to mix with her peers in a non academic environment.

How grants help carers

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