Carers Trust has a range of expert spokespeople available for comment or interview. Please contact the Press Team or call 020 7922 7751 request an interview.
Andrew Cozens CBE, Chair

Andrew has more than 30 years’ experience in social care in the public and voluntary sectors. He is a freelance policy and improvement specialist in social care and health. Prior to that he was Strategic Adviser, Children Adults and Health Services for the Improvement and Development Agency for local government from 2006-12 and spent ten years as a director of social services in Gloucestershire and Leicester. He can talk on a range of issues related to social care, carers and the third sector. Follow Andrew at @andrewcoz.

Gail Scott-Spicer, Chief Executive

Gail joined Carers Trust in February 2015 as its new chief executive. She has a wealth of experience drawn from 20 years of working in the public and voluntary sectors. A former deputy chief executive of the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations, she has experience of the implications of caring and of leading an organisation through merger. Her other interests include walking, gardening, and spending time with her family. Follow Gail on @gailscottspicer.

Luen Thompson, Director of Marketing and Communications
Moira is an expert in carers’ rights, the Care Act and Children and Families Act, and the support that should be available to carers of all ages. She is available to speak on key political developments and changes in policy and law for carers.
Dr Moira Fraser, Director of Policy and Research
Director of Marketing and Communications for Carers Trust with five years hands-on practical knowledge, research and face-to-face projects around working for, with and about carers and young carers. Luen has a great understanding of the issues carers face and can articulate them well with solid radio and TV experience. Luen has also been a guest speaker many times at conferences and events where she shares her wealth of knowledge about the sector and carers. 
Ben Cavanagh, Policy and Public Affairs Manager
Ben manages our relations with Parliamentarians and the political parties making sure that carers' issues are at the heart of national debates.
Laura Bennett, Senior Policy Manager Young and Young Adult Carers
Coming soon.
Daniel Phelps, Project and Development Manager for Young Carers and Young Adult Carers
Daniel works with the young carers services in England and develops ideas and work related to young carers and young adult carers across a range of settings, including schools, colleges, universities, health and developments in local authorities. Daniel also leads on the Young Carers Awareness Day.
Ruth Hannan, Policy and Development Manager (Mental Health)
Ruth led on Carers Trust’s programme of work across England ensuring the needs of carers of people with dementia and mental health are considered, recognised and supported. Ruth also leads on the Triangle of Care programme which works with mental health services. The programme ensure carers are included and supported by services to achieve a long-term cultural change in health services. Follow Ruth at @HannanRuth
Julia Ellis, Development Manager (Primary Care and Community Reach) 
Julia leads our Primary Care and Community Reach programme and works in partnership with organisations such as the Royal College of GPs, the Care Quality Commission, the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society to drive improvements in carer identification and support, from policy to practice. 
Florence Burke, Director for Scotland
Florence joined The Trust in March 2008, after 11 years with CEiS (Community Enterprise in Scotland), providing tailored support to social economy organisations, such as Carers’ Centres and leading on a range of regeneration initiatives. Florence is our main spokesperson for carers' issues in Scotland.
Louise Morgan, Development Manager (Young Carers - Scotland)
Louise works with all the young carers’ projects in Scotland and with the Scottish Government to develop new services and legislation to support young carers. She can speak about every aspect of issues affecting young carers.
Simon Hatch, Director for Wales

Simon became Director of Wales in July 2013 having spent 4 years as Director at Samaritans in Wales and 8 years as Director at Parkinson’s UK Cymru.

Simon works across the Third Sector in Wales and links with Welsh Government, Local Health Boards and our local Network Partners and is able to discuss all issues relating to services for unpaid carers, home care and the work of Carers Trust in Wales. (Welsh speaker available on request)

Kieron Rees, Policy and Public Affairs Manager

Kieron manages Carers Trust Wales’ external relations with organisations, Assembly Members and political parties in Wales and is able to speak about health, social care, and education policy as it relates to carers in Wales. Kieron is also the first point of contact for press enquiries in Wales.