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Could you spare just £5 a month to help transform the lives of carers? Your regular donation could make a huge difference to our ability to reach and support carers.

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A monthly gift from as little as £5 would help Carers Trust offer carers the help they need to:

  • Carry on caring

Most carers want to carry on supporting their loved one. But they can only keep on caring with our support.

  • Remain healthy

Carers often neglect their own health and the strain of caring can have a huge impact on their mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

  • Live a life of their own

Important announcement - April 2012

Many carers find they cannot stay in work or education alongside their caring role.

Few of us would be prepared for a sudden and demanding caring role, but sadly all of us are likely to be touched by this issue at some point in our lives.