Central Services


Chief Executive Officer

Rachael MacLeod

Centre Co-ordinator

Jessica Griffiths

Finance Officer

Elisabeth Zeidler

Administration Assistant

Lyndsey de Valmency



Information, Advice and Support and Adult Carers Service

Adult Carers Service Manager

Karen Page

Senior Support and Development Worker - Carers Income Maximisation

Maggie Burns

Advice, Support and Activities Worker

Ali Mays Wong

Information Officer

Leslie Bell

Information Officer

Sarah Dean

Senior Welfare Benefits Advisor - CABx

Elisabeth Lathbridge



Mental Health Carers Service


Mental Health Carers Service Manager

Amanda Cummins

Mental Health Carers Senior Support and Development Worker

Kelly Newman

Support and Development Worker

Celia Johnson



Young Carers Service


Young Carers Service Manager

Nazanin Abolkheriyan

Senior Support and Development Worker - Mental Health Young Carers

Melanie Choudhury

Support and Development Worker

Chris Mingay

Young Carers Information and Activities Worker

Sarah Dean

Young Carers Information and  Activities Worker

Corinne Iles