Housing or Council Tax Benefits

Housing benefit is available to help people who are on benefits or who have low incomes to help pay their rent, or their council tax and is claimed from and paid by your Local Authority.
You can read Shelter's advice on all aspects of housing benefits, including information on how to apply and how it is paid.
If you are unsure about your rights or are experiencing problems with your claim, get advice immediately from:
Discretionary payments can be made for people on Council Tax Benefit who are in financial hardship.

The "Bedroom Tax"

In April 2013 major changes to Housing Benefit support came into effect. One of these changes is called the Housing Benefit Size Criteria Rules — commonly referred to as the "Bedroom Tax".
To find out more on how the "Bedroom Tax" may affect you, read Carers UK's Bedroom Tax factsheet.

Council Houses

Many areas have a range of housing you can rent from the local authority (often called “council housing”) or from a housing association. The rent is often more reasonable, but you’ll have less of a choice where you live. People who have a greater need (including, for example, those with children, those with health problems, or those who are in fear for their safety) do get priority so let them know if you would come into any of these groups.


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