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Give Carers a Break CampaignIt makes sense to provide breaks for carers

Breaks from caring, as well as other forms of support, can be a huge help to carers. It can make the difference between being able to carry on, and having to give up. If a carer cannot carry on, there will potentially be enormous care costs to the taxpayer. 

NHS given £400m to increase support for carers

In November 2010, the Coalition Government announced that they would make £400 million available to Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) in England to pay for carers’ breaks over a period of four years (2011-15).

The Coalition Government has stated that PCTs must publish their plans and budgets to support carers.

However, our new report shows that none of that money has been used to increase support for carers

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Let's campaign together to make sure carers get the breaks they need

Find out where your PCT ranks according to others who according to how much they are investing in support for carers. NHS Kirklees are top, but where does yours come?

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If your PCT isn’t top, then ask your PCT why it isn’t and whether next year it will increase investment in services to support carers.


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