Contact the Press team

Carers Trust press office can help deal with media enquiries across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales/Cymru.

For general media enquiries, please email

Main Office

Samantha Patel ( Monday-Wed only)
PR and Communications Manager
Tel:020 7922 7751
Mobile: 07810 544420

Yvonne Lamothe
PR and Communications Manager
Tel:020 7922 7751
Mobile:07824 539481

Lynsey Mellows, (Monday, Wednesday, Friday am only)
Media & Case Studies Manager (Young Carers and Young Adult Carers)
Mob: 07824 566493
Corinne Scotland (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday)
Media & Case Studies Manager, Marketing & Communications
Mob:07792 594417

Luen Thompson
Director of Marketing and Communications, Marketing & Communications
Tel:07792 959826

Scotland Office

Lindsay Clydesdale
Communications and PR Manager
Tel:0300 123 2008
Mobile:07791 230261

Wales Office

Kieron Rees
Policy and Public Affairs Manager
Tel:02921 678447
Mobile:07824 567813