Government plans to remove DLA and PIP from disabled people who travel abroad for more than four weeks

 I thought I would post this just for your imformation. I don't often go abroad but a few years ago when I was studying Spanish. I thought I might go abroad for a short period of time in order to become fluent after four years of studying. I didn't do it but had I wanted to would have had to take my daughter with me. This law would have stopped me as a carer following a carer route. I also have family abroad and although I have not even been on holiday as years pass and I am now closer to retirement age I may want to. This is would stop me from seeing my family so not only takes away the child's rights but mine. I wonder if this means if they need treatment abroad they would have to be reassessed again? Or if they want to do a volunteer job abroad or may want to learn a language.............. Please join their campaign as I am sure they have not thought this out.


Campaign calls for equal rights for disabled young people and children to go abroad

The Every Disabled Child Matters (EDCM) Campaign and its supporters are today writing to the Government to object to proposed changes to 'temporary absence abroad' rules to Disability Living Allowance (DLA). The proposals will mean that if a disabled child or young person leaves the country for more than 4 weeks they will have their DLA or PIP stopped. They will then have to have a full reassessment when they come back in the country. The current rules allow up to 26 weeks out of the country. These new rules, set out in a consultation, will also apply to the new benefit, Personal Independence Payments (PIP).


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