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Caring and coping with a chronic pain suffers

14th October 2014

Posted by Andy08

Not long after I posted my first blog, my employer and I came to the mutual conclusion that it was no longer feasible for me to fulfill my caring responsibiities and work full-time (including commuting in to London). I left work in mid-July and since then have been attempting to build up my own business from home. It's slow going and at the same time my wife has been even more unwell. As I sit downstairs writing this, she is more or less confined to bed and spends much of the day (and night) moaning and crying with the pain more or less constantly.

At last a Care Plan!

12th September 2014

Posted by Andy08

Further to my first blog in July, my wife and I saw our GP today and they have finally woken up to the fact that people with complex and serious conditions like hers need something more. They are proposing to introduce a "Care Plan", which will set out what they and we should do when things get bad, in order to try and avoid repeated A&E visits and hospital admissions.

Care for multiple conditions

15th July 2014

Posted by Andy08

Well here goes - my first blog, not just here, but ever! I'm a 48 year old father to two lovely kids - a son aged 11 and daughter of 9. I've been the primary carer for my now 46 year old wife for 7 years. She has a range of complex medical problems and has been constantly in and out of hospital during this time. We estimate she has spent around a year and a half of the last 7 years in hospital if you add it all up and has been through A&E probably 50 times in the last couple of years.

Blogging again

20th November 2013

Posted by jakerleen Hi all it's been way too long since I did this. The link above takes you to an online petition to request changes to the government policies to sick & disabled in the UK. As everything going on now affects us as carers I wanted to give everyone the chance to read, sign, verify and pass it on to others.
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A Carer? Really?

28th August 2013

Posted by kingmiige

During the last few years I was an on and off a carer to my wife, and when I said this to people I would sometimes receive a strange response. A kind of surprised look. I think it was more because it was given a label rather than anything else. I think the main reason for this is that there are many people out there who don’t even realise what a carer is. Again, maybe they don’t realise the label it’s given rather than not knowing that they are helping someone.

Too long since I blogged

19th January 2013

Posted by jakerleen

Its been way too long since I blogged, but so much has happened since the last post. Firstly Dave (hubby) had pneumonia in July and ended up in hospital on the 29th (our anniversary — some people will do anything to avoid buying flowers) because his meds dragged his immune system down. It was touch and go for a while there, but he's come good.  

Saturday - so what's different.

15th December 2012

Posted by Blackdog_9354

It is a Saturday morning, not raining so that has to be a positive but for me as a Carer what's different? Nothing really, still the same routine, medication every hour, no conversation only with dog but never mind put the kettle on, make a cup of tea, dunk a few bikkies in and sure enough twenty minutes after getting up my other half is away with the fairies and asleep again.

The values of a dog

14th December 2012

Posted by Blackdog_9354

When you are so involved in caring for someone 24/7 you do not get a lot of time to sit down and think properly about you - but I have just done exactly that. We live six miles out of Norwich in a village, back on to woods and open countryside which we access through a gate at the bottom of our garden.

My safe space

10th September 2012

Posted by Suzette

Circumstances last month left me without access to my computer which meant I no longer had access to my only true mean of self expression. Yes although I fought against modern technology for years, password protection won out and now the only way i really feel safe is for me to vent my fears and frustrations to a keyboard.

Sad but greatful

12th August 2012

Posted by Suzette

Recently I attended a function where I heard a young carer tell his story. It was breathtaking.  Listening to him recount how he helps to care for his sister and mother, the emotions he's experiencing, the frustration at not being able to do what his friends do floored me. Yes I could connect to everything this amazing young man was saying but what hurt more was the thought of the emotions his mother must have felt while he delivered his speech. My children could be classified as young carers too.
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