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Carers rights in estate settlement

27th July 2015

Posted by A recent carer

After a care role ends with bereavement of the loved one there is little support for the carer in terms of help on legal issues with probate, housing and finance from social services or the various care agencies, so this bit of advice may help: if you moved in with a parent to care for them you should be aware of certain legal issues / rights that will be important later on when dealing with relatives in Probate and settlement of estate.   The natural inclination would be to provide care and support for a close dependent, irrespective of any contract issues at a t

Sharing the experience

09th July 2015

Posted by Adam S

I believe people who care for family members and friends have a wealth of knowledge and experience which needs to be tapped in to. Sharing your story and experiences can be daunting, but I think if more people shared what they knew we would all be better carers.

Mum's Diet

07th January 2015

Posted by Pedagog

So worried about Mum's diet, she is avoiding food and acting a little odd. Last couple of days we have only managed to get Breakfast and biscuits into her.  She is also showing some odd behaviours including hiding her handbag under her pillow. Any advice?  

Opticians - Mother

06th January 2015

Posted by Pedagog

Well that was interesting. Why does my mother always revert to innocent school girl role with Health Profesionals, its so frustrating. We went to the opticians for her Cataract pre-assessment (second try).  Starts of well she sites in the chair, eye sight worse than  last time but thats not a huge surprise. Then she starts, she turns to the Optician and says " Tell me, do you think it is worth me having the operation at my age?" "Well of course" says the Optician. "But I could be dead soon"

An Introduction

22nd December 2014

Posted by Stirromack

As this is my first post here I thought I should take the time to tell you a little about myself.  I am 45 years old, living with my partner and 5 year old son and, as of two days ago, my mother.  Of the four of us I am the only one who is classed as “fit and healthy”.  Both my partner and son suffer from a genetic condition called Myotonic Dystrophy while my mother suffered a massive stroke three years ago.  
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My Mum

18th September 2013

Posted by MichelleF

My mum was born in 1943 in Liverpool and had 3 brothers and 3 sisters. Times were tough and life became even harder when her mum died when she was 11. Mum always worked in some capacity to help look after myself and my 2 sisters.  Sometimes she would work evenings and when we were older she worked full time.  mum was a very passionate person whose moral compass was very firmly set.  She was a union representative and would argue her own and everyone else’s case very strongly. She was passionate about people being treated fairly and equally.
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Hello... I'm new.

27th August 2013

Posted by timkemp

Introductions first methinks. Hello everyone, my Name's Tim, I'm a full time 'at home' carer for my Mum, Joyce (or as I call her, Mum) who has Parkinsons and Osteoporosis (among other things). My wife has Chronic Fatugue Syndrome (among other things too). We've got three cats who do their best to help out along the way.

Snowball Effect...

29th November 2012

Posted by NinaSmile

Hey, I hope you are all smiling or have something inplace this weekend that will make you smile!  I have had one of those days today. You know the Snowball effect - where one thing happens, then the next, then the next and things get bigger?

Update on EighteenPlus

29th October 2012

Posted by NinaSmile

 Hey all! I just thought ill would let you know what happened after I was in a Radio 1 Documentry about Young Adult Carers, we were contacted by many people,

EighteenPlus, BBC Radio 1 and Me!

29th September 2012

Posted by NinaSmile

Note: The following blog post is from NinaSmiles, previously a YCNet user when she was a young carer, and now blogging on about her experience of representing Young Adult Carers at BBC Radio1 show to be broadcasted on Monday, 8th October 2012 at 9 pm.  I am Carina and I am going to tell you alittle about a group I started for Young Adult carers and my trip to London!
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