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Care for multiple conditions

15th July 2014

Posted by Andy08

Well here goes - my first blog, not just here, but ever! I'm a 48 year old father to two lovely kids - a son aged 11 and daughter of 9. I've been the primary carer for my now 46 year old wife for 7 years. She has a range of complex medical problems and has been constantly in and out of hospital during this time. We estimate she has spent around a year and a half of the last 7 years in hospital if you add it all up and has been through A&E probably 50 times in the last couple of years.

Caring takes time and effort

18th June 2014

Posted by Simone

Just some things that have come up this week. 

My Hero, My Inspiration

07th June 2014

Posted by Manisha Tailor

Since 8 years old my twin brother and I together ate, drank and breathed football – it was pretty much our life.  Joint at the hip, our love for the game both playing and watching continued until late teens. Unfortunately, as a result of a series of traumatic events, my twin became depressed – and 15 years on, continues to suffer from the taboo within football and the Asian community, ‘mental health’. 

A Smile Is Worth A Million

31st May 2014

Posted by Simone

With all the current cuts. I know so many can not afford a holiday. I don't think it is right to take away a disabled persons DLA. More so when many disabled can't work or never get employed..............and when they have no other income............... We have managed to book a holiday out of savings.It is the best thing I could have done. My daughter has struggled so much coping with emotions and coping with her life.

No life of my own...........

22nd May 2014

Posted by Simone

I cry sometimes when I think of my life because I have had no life really. The only thing that keeps me strong is thinking my daughter's life is even worse as is her future.Hoever there are happy days too but life could just be better if the right help was there. We are not helping carers enough and so many learning disabled just get left behind and forgotten.

Mild disabilites still need help.. Eg: Going on holiday.

22nd May 2014

Posted by Simone

The government seems to think those with a milder disability don't need help. So as we are going on holiday. I thought I would write a blog about what I have had to do so far so my daughter can enjoy a holiday. First of all may I remind you that I am getting no help..

I no longer know what to do.

09th May 2014

Posted by Simone

It has been a while since I posted anything simply because my health has not been fantastic. I can not believe it has been so long since I wrote anything. Life has got worse rather then better as I continue trying to cope. I have had no help since 2008 and no time for myself at all. The situation has been grim as I simply do not know how I am going to get help. I do not wish to see Social Services and nor does my daughter. She does not reach the criteria for help  anyway so I am stuck. So it has been down to me and me alone.
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Autism awareness month of April

05th April 2014

Posted by Han86

Wow what a busy last month I've had. I started a new job last week working 1:1 as a teaching assistant. I've just finished my NVQ level 2 in supporting teaching and learning in the classroom, volunteered in school for nearly 2 years, the hard work really has paid off. it's only a few hours every morning but its so nice to have another purpose in life. I still have time to spend with my daughter in the afternoon and back to caring duties when my son gets home. 

Introducing myself

02nd April 2014

Posted by Cally32

Hello, I'm new here so my first blog entry will just explain a little about myself. I am a carer to my 7 year old daughter, Isabelle, who has a rare genetic disorder called Jacobsen's Syndrome, or 11q deletion. She has also recently been diagnosed with ASD. She has moderate to servere learning difficulties, low muscle tone and a bleeding disorder. I am married and have 2 other sons aged 4 and 20 months. Before I became a 'carer' I had a successful career in Financial Services and enjoyed 5 years living in South East Asia.
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An expert care partner?

17th March 2014

Posted by netball nut

As a carer, I expect to be treated as an expert care partner in caring for my daughter who has a mental health condition. This is in line with the carers strategy, but my recent experience with my local NHS Trust has suggested to me that as a carer, I don’t count. Let me tell you why.
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