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2 years since my last blog entry

26th August 2015

Posted by timkemp

Unbelievably it's been 2 whole years since my first (and only) blog entry. I'm a full time carer (with part time voluntary duties undertaken out of the home), and have  been spurred into writing again because someone said to me the other day: "What are you going to be able to do when your caring duties come to an end?" I think this question for me has been brought into sharper focus because of the government crackdown on those claiming benefits of all sorts, and especialy sanctioning those who have difficulty finding work for one reason or another.


08th August 2015

Posted by PositivePolly

I've heard the saying "I take my hat of to you' so many times whilst I have been caring for my son in the last well almost 30 years...and it usually ends with...."but I couldn't do what you do"....I always take this as a compliment & recognition for doing a good job caring for my son....I didn't choose this 'job'..I never needed an NVQ in care or a Diploma...I learned all the skills from The School Of Life, probably the best School to attend as it goes because it was and still is an Outstanding School to learn from...

First Aid for Carers

05th August 2015

Posted by Liam St John Am...

- Please note that this is a guest blog -   Hello,
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Becoming a carer is something that can happen to anyone, often when they least expect it

30th July 2015

Posted by Jackie Ashley

With a husband who was 53 and fit, I had no idea that eight months after my beloved father died, I would become a carer again. My father had suffered from Parkinsons, and when he died aged 89 needed full time care, with respite care from the family at the weekends, but was still able to walk around the house. When Andrew, my husband, first suffered a massive stroke in January 2013, it looked at first as though he may not pull through, and even if he did, it was unlikely he would ever walk again.    The shock to the whole family was immense.
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Carers rights in estate settlement

27th July 2015

Posted by A recent carer

After a care role ends with bereavement of the loved one there is little support for the carer in terms of help on legal issues with probate, housing and finance from social services or the various care agencies, so this bit of advice may help: if you moved in with a parent to care for them you should be aware of certain legal issues / rights that will be important later on when dealing with relatives in Probate and settlement of estate.   The natural inclination would be to provide care and support for a close dependent, irrespective of any contract issues at a t

The Measure of Happiness

14th July 2015

Posted by Dune2015

I like to think that I am happy or should I say given our circumstances and the changes in our life I am surprised that I am happy. Now that I have said this I feel a little guilty, so I question myself as to why I feel guilty and the reason is obvious. Annie is so severely disabled that she is just a fraction of the Annie I met that during the barmy summer days of 1976, however, we have grown together and had some trying times that would have tested most relationships, so what makes me happy now.

You Never Know How Strong You Are Until Being Strong Is the Only Choice You Have

14th July 2015

Posted by Dune2015

Whilst writing this new post for the blog I am reflecting upon the past two weeks and the stresses, worries, negative thoughts and the way in which our anxieties both consciously and subconsciously affect how we perform as carers. Initially, when I called the ambulance for Annie two weeks ago, my minds responses were in overdrive. Annie’s behaviour at this time was very upsetting.

Sharing the experience

09th July 2015

Posted by Adam S

I believe people who care for family members and friends have a wealth of knowledge and experience which needs to be tapped in to. Sharing your story and experiences can be daunting, but I think if more people shared what they knew we would all be better carers.

Carers Week: What does it mean for carers?

30th June 2015

Posted by SophieYAC

Another month has gone by! I can't believe that we are already half way through 2015! For my June blog post, I thought I would discuss Carers Week, as it held some presidence for me and really helped affirm my passion for carers issues. Carers Week took place from the 8th till the 14th of June. It is an annual awareness week that aims to raise awareness of carers. Who we are? What we do? Why we care...It also highlights the challenges that face carers and recognises the contribution that we make to society.

Understanding Annie’s Brain.

15th June 2015

Posted by Dune2015

I remember like it was yesterday, Annie and I worked opposite shifts in the Hospital during our first months together and on her morning shift Annie would sit on the side of the bed doing her hair and makeup whilst I would lay there and look at her. It wasn’t just her beauty that held my attention it was also the pride that Annie took in her presentation even at 06:00 in the morning.
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