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Autism awareness month of April

05th April 2014

Posted by Han86

Wow what a busy last month I've had. I started a new job last week working 1:1 as a teaching assistant. I've just finished my NVQ level 2 in supporting teaching and learning in the classroom, volunteered in school for nearly 2 years, the hard work really has paid off. it's only a few hours every morning but its so nice to have another purpose in life. I still have time to spend with my daughter in the afternoon and back to caring duties when my son gets home. 

Introducing myself

02nd April 2014

Posted by Cally32

Hello, I'm new here so my first blog entry will just explain a little about myself. I am a carer to my 7 year old daughter, Isabelle, who has a rare genetic disorder called Jacobsen's Syndrome, or 11q deletion. She has also recently been diagnosed with ASD. She has moderate to servere learning difficulties, low muscle tone and a bleeding disorder. I am married and have 2 other sons aged 4 and 20 months. Before I became a 'carer' I had a successful career in Financial Services and enjoyed 5 years living in South East Asia.
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An expert care partner?

17th March 2014

Posted by netball nut

As a carer, I expect to be treated as an expert care partner in caring for my daughter who has a mental health condition. This is in line with the carers strategy, but my recent experience with my local NHS Trust has suggested to me that as a carer, I don’t count. Let me tell you why.
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Life is for Living- with Dementia

04th December 2013

Posted by plamplugh

My name is Paul Lamplugh, husband to Diana who sadly died in 2011, a well known campaigner and mother of Suzy Lamplugh who mysteriously disappeared without trace in 1986. Diana was best known for setting up a charity to promote personal safety, The Suzy Lamplugh Trust.

Blogging again

20th November 2013

Posted by jakerleen Hi all it's been way too long since I did this. The link above takes you to an online petition to request changes to the government policies to sick & disabled in the UK. As everything going on now affects us as carers I wanted to give everyone the chance to read, sign, verify and pass it on to others.

A boys best friend

24th October 2013

Posted by Han86

In my last blog I talked about my sons autism diagnosis, in this blog I'm going to talk about my sons best friend.

Mr Cameron is wrong about Disability reform and the cuts.

16th October 2013

Posted by Simone

I thought I would write a short blog about my feeling on the cuts and changes to Disability Benefits........... It is all very cruel. I have no doubt as I have spoken to so many people who have shared their lives with me and I can truly say Mr Cameron has no idea the reality of the suffering he and others have caused.
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Circus acts and carers

01st October 2013

Posted by netball nut

Have you ever thought about running away to the circus? A childish dream perhaps, but if you are a carer, you may well have some transferrable skills that the circus would recognise only too well.
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My Mum

18th September 2013

Posted by MichelleF

My mum was born in 1943 in Liverpool and had 3 brothers and 3 sisters. Times were tough and life became even harder when her mum died when she was 11. Mum always worked in some capacity to help look after myself and my 2 sisters.  Sometimes she would work evenings and when we were older she worked full time.  mum was a very passionate person whose moral compass was very firmly set.  She was a union representative and would argue her own and everyone else’s case very strongly. She was passionate about people being treated fairly and equally.
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Can you combine work and care?

02nd September 2013

Posted by netball nut

Yes is the answer, but only with the right support. There has been such a lot in the news recently about working carers and the need for flexible working. I must say I’m one of the lucky ones who has been able to continue to work full time and care. Its not easy, but my employer has policies in place to support me as a carer and has allowed me to work flexibly to suit my caring responsibilities.
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