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Take a break

08th April 2015

Posted by PositivePolly

  I can't express enough how important it is to take a break from long term caring. Many carers feel guilty about taking a break for many reasons. Some feel 'selfish' if they do so and others believe they can't leave the person they care for because no-one else could care like they do for that person. It maybe true that main carers give the best care especially if the person cared for is their own son or daughter or close relative. It is definitely not selfish in any respect to take a break from caring.
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It's been a while

05th April 2015

Posted by Han86

Why hello... apologises as it seems I've not blogged for a while. Life has been extremely busy and my caring role has been increasingly more difficult. There are a few things playing in my mind that I just want to ask you all about. How has your life with friends and family changed since you've become a carer?

Carers Work, Politics and Life as a Carer.

31st March 2015

Posted by SophieYAC

With the general election just a few months away, my carers work is taking more presidence. Carers are important to society and I feel that the government should be doing all they can to support us, we are humans too and we save the government a lot of money. We should be supported in 'our role', to be able to carry on caring. Being a carer is difficult, but it has its positives too. I think there are some pertinent areas that the government should focus on: mental health, education and support.  Mental Health. 

I told my MP I can not manage another year.

30th March 2015

Posted by Simone

It has been a difficult few years. A little bit of a nightmare for a carer of 27years. I have read and seen so much. It hurts me to realise our political system doesn't work for the ordinary person and most of all for the elderly and disabled. It is election time once again and the battle begins only for us to do the same thing over and over again in the next five years. By which time the  state of my health is going on a downward turn.  I am sure people will still be fighting the same battles.

Mobility allowance: Carers should also be considered.

12th March 2015

Posted by Simone

My daughter ho can walk gets low mobility and middle care so I have never had a car. Yet she can't travel on her own.The problem now is me. I as her carer have not been well the last few years. Some days I have trouble walking and other days I am in pain but it is not every day. However if my husband wasn't home I probably ould not be able to manage everything.. I have my own car as I have had to supply my on car for all of my daughter's life.

I am aware of everything even if I have not written much on my blog.. Cameron needs to go.

12th March 2015

Posted by Simone

Disclaimer: The below views are personal to the individual. Publishing them is not an endorsement by Carers Trust.   It has been a while since I wrote on my blog as my health has not been great.I have had no help as carer since the new changes came in for disabled. I have also gone through something of a spiritual nature which I barely understand.

Carer Mental Health

28th February 2015

Posted by SophieYAC

Being a carer is very difficult, I'm sure most carers will agree, if not all. Caring can have a physical, emotional and social impact, as well as an impact on your mental health. This is something I want to focus on, on this blog post. Mental health affects 1 in 4 of us. I am not ashamed (anymore) to say that I am one of those people. I was diagnosed with anxiety and OCD in January 2014, just 9 months before I was due to go to university. To be honest, I wasn't shocked, I'd struggled with anxiety in the past, due to being a carer.

Dad's an onion

03rd February 2015

Posted by 38linepoem

Dad’s an onion.  

Caring for my grandparents with dementia.

31st January 2015

Posted by SophieYAC

This blog post has come from my own blog site - but I thought I'd share it as my first post. I care for and have cared for other family members, who have various physical and mental health issues and substance misuse. 

Mental Health - Mine

09th January 2015

Posted by Pedagog

This one is not easy for me to write. Last year I was diagnosied with Depression and refferred for CBT. I started with online CBT, didn't do alot as never able to concentrate on it. Then in the summer I started face to face CBT, was going well, till mother moved in, since October till today I have not been to CBT. Today's session was great, meant I had any hour to offload everything.   More on this later, when I feel strong enough to share.
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