Carers space

Are you looking after someone who wouldn’t be able to cope on their own?

If you are feeling isolated or you find it hard to get out, our friendly and welcoming online community is waiting for you.

Come to our chatroom to talk through the daily realities of being a carer, or just have a break and some light-hearted fun. Join or start a conversation on our discussion boards where you can ask questions and your advice and opinion is highly valued, or tell your story with hundreds of other carers on your blog space.

This is your own personal carer community, so get involved.

Discussion boards

Welcome to our discussion forum, where carers can share their views and exchange information and tips with other carers.

Live chat

Come and meet other carers in our chatroom, usually busy in the evenings.


Carers blog

Read here what carer bloggers have to say...

Wednesday night hob nobs

A special light-hearted chat every Wednesday from 8:00 to 9:00 pm

Chat archive

Chat archive

Take a look through our hosted chat archive, there for when you miss a chat or want to read it back.


Bring a cup of tea or coffee (and biscuits too) and join us in the chatroom, from 11.00am on the first Tuesday of every month.